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Students for a Secure Border

College Students across the nation remain unconvinced by the media's portrayal of our country's illegal immigration issues. As a conscientious college student, you have a unique opportunity to open the discussion on your campus and we have a clear message to share: "SECURE OUR BORDERS!"


  • Chris Simcox Under Attack at Universities - Read More
  • Chris Simcox Attacked by "Open Minded" Student Radicals - See Video
  • Chris Simcox on FOX News discussing the personal attacks of protestors at NYU debate - See Video

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National "Stop the Madness" Campaign that will be kicked off on April 9th

Nationwide "Stop the Madness" Campaign
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Minuteman Border Fence
The Medical Cost of Illegal Immigration
The Labor Cost of Illegal Immigration
The Criminal Cost of Illegal Immigration
The Education Cost of Illegal Immigration
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Invite MCDC President Chris Simcox to speak on campus

Campus Campaign Founders
MCDC Speaker Invitation

Host a screening of Cries From the Border
A documentary by Mercedes Maharis, that discusses the effects of illegal immigration on local communities.

Cries From the Border Screening

Join Campus Students for a Trip to the Border as a Volunteer Member of the MCDC

Register as a Minuteman
Check Available Dates for Volunteering