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Border Fence Cam

Live Fence Cam -- Under Construction

Once surveillance cameras are operational, you will be able to:
· Select criteria for what type of camera view of border fence you want to view or be notified about (state, county, city, fence sectors with highest traffic, etc.), when alarm sounds because motion sensor has been detonated. Audible Cell Phone and e-mail notification are all possible
· Registered volunteers will provided with Border Patrol and law enforcement agency phone numbers nearest visible fence sector for reporting illegal crossings and crime respectively
· View multiple down-streaming video views for multiple cameras on one page, depending on directory search or criteria selected
Each camera view will have a place holder for the down-streaming video, that will refresh from 1/30 of a second to once every 5 seconds. Registered volunteers will have remote control in real time to scan the border, look into Mexico and track illegal aliens that cross. The image below represents a static image for a possible camera view with statistics on camera.