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If you live next to the Mexican border, minus public property, which is usually a 60 feet easement from the actual border, or are separated from the Mexican border by not more than two miles and receive an inundation of illegal crossings and activity from intruders believed to be from Mexico, you can qualify for a high tech security fence, designed to meet local requirements typical designs include:
·10-foot-separated poles 14-feet high, 4-feet planted in ground with cement
·Anti-Climb welded wire mesh panels 14-feet high
·Integrated vehicle barrier
·Concertina wire at top
·FOMGuard Fiber Optic Fence Mesh Fencing 8-feet high early illegal alien detection
·Surveillance cameras linked to early waning system with Registered Minutemen Volunteers to monitor and report illegal aliens, includes web based monitoring, automatic email messaging, remote web controls and precision satellite map location.
·Minuteman Civil Defense Corps Security patrols.
For More information on making your land available to build the Minuteman Border Fence, send and email to borderlandownerswanted@minutemanhq.com today!