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  Minutemen are Building Fence NOW!!!

Mexican President Fox is Against all Fencing

President of Mexico Vincente Fox has publicly railed against any fencing, calling it "shameful" and falsely comparing it to the Berlin Wall that divided free and Communist Germany. A spokesman for President Vicente Fox predicted on Wednesday that the United States will probably never build any of the proposed 700 miles of new fencing along the border of the two nations. The Mexican government sent a harsh diplomatic note to Washington criticizing last week's U.S. Senate vote to authorize limited new fence sections. President-elect Felipe Calderon, who replaces Fox on Dec. 1, has also criticized the fence plans.

Minutemen Stand up to Mexico and Build Security Fencing
Over the objections of Vincente Fox and the Mexican government, the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps is leading the way ACTUALLY BUILDING border security fencing. The Minuteman Border Fence is being installed to demonstrate how fencing is an integral part of a total security plan that includes vehicle barriers, fiber optic sensors, cameras, anti climb barriers and increased ground patrols to give the U.S. Border Patrol operational control of the border.

Fences Do Work!
Fences in San Diego California have effectively reduced illegal alien apprehensions from 202,000 in 1992 to less than 9,000 in 2004.

Fence post steel delivered near Bisbee, AZ at the Hodges Ranch 9/28/2006.

The Volunteers of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps are already building security fences and vehicle barriers on private land using private donations, which have vastly diminished illegal intruders in our sectors. A multi-level design which includes anti-climb fencing, fiber-optic fencing, vehicle barriers and camera systems to observe and report will allow thousands of Minutemen to monitor the border day and night, 365 days a year.

A new one mile segment of fourteen foot high, anti-climb Israeli style double fence barrier with cameras and ground sensors is under construction NOW at our current project at the Hodges Ranch. The Minuteman Border Fence will help local Arizona ranchers and landowners to move forward to secure the U.S. border and stop illegal aliens, criminals and terrorists from violating sovereign American territory.

Donate now and join those who have already added their name with an individualized metal name plaque to the Minuteman Border Fence.
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