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Bush Signs Toothless Fence Bill
No Money $$ for Border Fencing Offered

The Minuteman Border Security Plan is ESSENTIAL...
...Real Border Fence... Real Border Security!

Thank you for all your support and making the Minuteman Border Fence operation a reality. The first New Minuteman Border Fence Video Email is now available showing the progress being made to Secure the Border. If we fail to redouble our Minuteman efforts, the headlines below can only get worse.

The measure Bush is putting into law Thursday before heading for campaign stops in Iowa and Michigan offers no money for the fence project covering one-third of the 2,100-mile border.

The Truth??!!! Read that appropriations bill the President did sign and discover they authorized $1.2 billion ON AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT BILL which DOESN'T HAVE TO BE SPENT ON THE FENCE AT ALL! Funds that you and your fellow Americans were led to believe was earmarked for the construction of the fence!

Our unguarded borders have already been penetrated by Hezbollah.

Venezuela is now the Palestinian State of the Americas.

U.S. Senate is playing politics with the 700-mile fence.

Your financial help is needed now more that ever.
We are asking everyone to donate now to help us keep putting up fencing.
We need your continued financial support today!