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Press Release - Mexican Border Issues

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The world’s most prolific terrorism television network has cancelled its recon operation at the Arizona/Mexico border, according to the Arizona Star newspaper.  Al-Jazeera broadcasts in full all the latest messages from Osama bin Laden and Abu Musab al-Zarqawi to Al Queda’s followers – as well as their footage beheading innocent non-combatants and hostages. 

Yet according to their Washington, DC-based reporter, Nasreddine Hssaini, they wanted to cover the unsecured Arizona/Mexico border from, “… the human point of view.”
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps President Chris Simcox was informed Friday of Hssaini’s intentions to film a one-hour special at the borders, and asked for an interview.  Simcox refused the interview with the terrorist network, and let them know they were not welcome to follow the Minutemen at the borders with cameras.  He then notified the United States Border Patrol and members of the Arizona Congressional delegation of Al-Jazeera’s plans.

Monday morning, Arizona Congressman Trent Franks issued a release to the media.  "It is insane policy to allow Al-Jazeera to film Arizona's unsecured border with Mexico and then broadcast it to the very people who perpetrated 9/11," Franks said.

“Simcox and the Minuteman organization refuse to act as if Al-Jazerra has not provided aid and comfort to terrorists, despite mainstream media whining that the terrorist network should be treated like a legitimate news organization,” said spokeswoman Connie Hair.

Once the news became public, Al-Jazeera offices began getting calls from reporters, and from American citizens who were troubled and alarmed by their plans to film at the unsecured borders.  Talk radio interviews with Simcox and others started early in the morning – and outrage began to build where sanity reigns in this country -- the red states.

By Monday afternoon, Al-Jazeera had cancelled the project.  "They decided it wasn't worth it," the reporter Hssaini told the Star.

Despite the criticisms of so-called intellectuals in the Star report, assertions of journalistic pseudo-ethics and “professional standards,” and the fastidious niceties of political correctness – it is simply true that the harsh reality of having enemies in the world means we as a people MUST RESPECT the requirements of national security.

The Reichstag press operation was also alleged to be "journalism" but was actually pure propaganda – war by other means.  America did not give Nazi journalists aid, comfort, cozy interviews and guided tours of our vulnerabilities during WWII.  America’s self-proclaimed “elites” today have a problem remembering their history.

Or do they have another agenda?


“It has been proven Al-Jazeera assisted the enemy with information that has led to the deaths of our soldiers and U.S. citizens around the world.  I cannot understand why our government allows them to run loose in this country in the first place.”

“But if Al-Jazeera wants to know about the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps or the condition of our porous borders they can do a Google search.  I will not assist them in their recon efforts in any manner whatsoever.”

“The government allows al-Jazeera access to our chemical plants, nuclear facilities and White House press conferences.  Let our government be responsible for giving them a tour of our dangerously wide-open borders.”

“If the Department of Homeland Security does not feel they are a threat, perhaps Director Michael Chertoff or Tucson sector chief Michael Nicely can give Al-Jazeera the grand tour and explain the ‘catch and release’ policy.  Or perhaps Senator John McCain can explain our wide open border to the terrorists in Al-Jazeera’s international audience, then charge them a $2,000 fine when they come on across the line.”

“Personally I'll have no part in aiding and abetting the enemy, and will continue to work to protect our country from terrorists who are clearly looking at our unsecured borders as the pathway to destroy America.”

– Chris Simcox

2005-06-28 10:23:43

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