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PHOENIX, AZ—With a critical vote delayed last week, the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps (MCDC) again remind citizens of the need to actively oppose both the DREAM ACT and STRIVE program, new stealth amnesty proposals being brought forward this week through a vote in the U.S. Senate that will officially create the roadmap to amnesty that continues to advance over the rejection of the American people. This latest amnesty initiative has been added as Senate Amendment 2919 to the Defense Department’s 2008 Appropriation Bill by Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) and seeks among many of its provisions to grant U.S. citizenship to underage illegal aliens.

“The Senate legislation being offered is a lawbreaker assistance program that provides a reward for people who have violated existing federal statutes, stolen identities and illicitly used social services while remaining in this country illegally,” states Chris Simcox, founder and President of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps. “Like we did in June, we need to jam Congressional faxes and phones and deliver a message that amnesty under any guise will not be tolerated.”

The Minutemen urge citizens to IMMEDIATELY contact their U.S. Representatives and demand that they oppose the DREAM ACT, which is simply amnesty for underage illegal aliens. During debate on the Defense Appropriations Bill, scheduled for this week, Members of Congress should not permit amnesty to be tacked on to a “must pass” piece of legislation. They should address the needs of national defense and national security, and empower and enforce the funding of a fence on our nation’s borders through the already enacted Secure Fence Act of 2006.

Amnesty is provided through the DREAM ACT if:

· the illegal alien can demonstrate continuous presence in the U.S. for five years and was not yet 16 years old upon initial entry;

· the illegal alien is of "good moral character" and is not inadmissible on criminal grounds or because the illegal alien is a national security risk; an

· the illegal alien has been admitted to an institution of higher education, has attained a high school diploma, or has obtained a GED in the U.S.

In an effort to curtail the “amnesty surge” at the border presently underway and the increase in illegal border crossings and drug trafficking that is traditionally highest during the months of April and October, Minutemen border watch volunteers will muster nationally for thirty days next month to monitor our embattled border line. Minutemen will watch along the U.S.-Mexican border in California, Texas, New Mexico and Washington State in order to support U.S. Border Patrol agents, who are overworked since the departure of thousands of National Guard troops the President recently withdrew from deployment on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Unlike the U.S. government, the Minutemen have sustained border security as their top priority, and continue to implement a plan to reduce incursions that is more than just “virtual” and has garnered impressive results. Along with their border watches, it includes an effective material barrier—achieved by volunteering their time, energy and personal funds in order to build highly effective demonstration security fencing spans on private ranch land, expensed through private donations obtained from thousands of citizens nationally. To provide a doable model of fencing, educate the public and force federal government attention to the realities of border security, Minuteman volunteers have taken steps to build this fence along the border which will utilize state of the art technology with the fiber optic mesh produced by FOMGuard, USA, also currently in use on U.S. military installations, the DMZ in Korea and the West Bank in Israel, and recently featured in National Geographic magazine.

2007-09-24 11:27:22

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