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— The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps (MCDC) are disgusted by President George W. Bush’s State of the Union Address this evening where he continued the rhetoric of an administration that has failed to protect its citizens from a foreign invasion of terrorists, drug and sex traffickers from over 200 different nations. MCDC believes that the lack of strict employment verification laws and the funding for a physical border fence on the U.S.-Mexico border have emboldened the lawless invasion of America by illegal aliens, thereby contributing to our current economic downturn and leaving the President with a legacy filled with empty promises to secure our nation’s porous borders.

“We are concerned that the President has conceded the safety and security of our citizens so that terrorists and criminals can exploit our freedom and resources with the assistance of the Mexican government,” added Chris Simcox, President and founder of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps. “The President needs to understand that real border security begins when secure our borders first, build a physical border fence and redeploy the National Guard to back the frontline—our Southern Border with Mexico. Rather than offer the same promises we have heard for more than fourteen months, the President missed an important opportunity to bolster his legacy by demanding the re-funding of the physical border fence, and until we see real change, we will continue to doubt his veracity towards the enforcement of our immigration laws.”

Unlike the President’s poor leadership this evening, members of the Minuteman border security movement urge our Washington lawmakers to start following Congressman Duncan Hunter’s statesmanship, with passage of H.R. 5124 which seeks to reinstate funding for the construction of the double-layered border fence along our Southern border with Mexico. In addition, Minutemen citizen activists will spend 2008 ensuring that their Senators and Congressmen, in all states and districts, hear from them regarding the Minuteman Border Security Agenda, which strongly opposes the advocacy of the open borders lobby and the Mexican government, who continue to endorse violations of our American rule of law, thereby undermining the sovereignty of our nation.

The 2008 Minuteman Border Security Agenda includes:

1) Restoring the funding of $3 Billion dollars in funding towards the construction of the border fence Congress stripped from the Homeland Security Department’s budget, beginning with the passage of H.R. 5124.

2) Posting the National Guard back on the Southern border until the physical border fence is completed and national border security is firmly established.

3) Building all 700 miles of the physical border fence before January 2009.

4) Strengthening the e-verification system through passage of the SAVE ACT (H.R. 4088)

5) Punishing states who issue driver’s licenses to illegal aliens through passage of S. 2334

6) Abolishing the North American Union and the Superhighway through passage of H.Con.Res. 40.

Simcox continues, “We are seeing a heightened degree of ruthlessness among the drug cartel and human traffickers—and the murderous violence directed against our brave U.S. Border Patrol agents out in the field has just cost us the life of yet another fine law enforcement officer. How many more American law enforcement officers will have to die because of Washington fecklessness? Throughout 2008, we will be relentless in reminding the Bush Administration and all Washington lawmakers that millions of voters want to make the Minuteman Border Security Agenda a reality this year. We will not permit the national security interests of our country to be jeopardized, like they were in 1986 by permitting amnesty, or with intensified amnesty initiatives like those of last June. Should Washington fail to act responsibly in defense of its legal citizens, we are prepared to punish Congress and both major political parties in November.”

2008-01-29 04:20:14

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