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An All Too Common Occurrence
A Border Operations Report from Texas
April 20, 2007

On Tuesday, April 17th, a routine event took place on the border. The victim, statistics show, was young, female, and of Latin American descent. We do not know her name and never will. She suffered, most likely, in silence. If she is still alive, she will suffer for the rest of her life. Evidence of her humiliation and subjugation was left at the scene for all to see - her underclothes hanging from the branch of the tree under which the detestable crime was committed. "Rape Trees" are a visible reminder of the dangers of our unsecured borders.

Subsequently, when MCDC volunteers set up on Line 1 again the following day, they found the evidence. Although a violent, serious crime was committed, law enforcement are not on the case; and never will be. This act was a human tragedy that is all too common on the border.

A "coyote" (a smuggler paid thousands of dollars to transport his human cargo across the Rio Grande River) is likely responsible for the crime. Due to the nature of the "illegal business" he has adopted, he cares not one bit for the lives of those illegal aliens with which he contracts. To him, they are a paycheck - a very big paycheck. Every day that he engages in smuggling, he takes a chance of being arrested and sent to prison. Not in Mexico but here in the good old U.S. of A. Here, our prisons feed you, clothe you, and keep you entertained with TV and reading material. In Mexico, you have to pay for food and clothing. There is no TV, no library, no cafeteria, and no weight room.

The "coyote" committed a crime when he took advantage of a defenseless woman in his care. He raped the young woman and went away bragging about his machismo to his peers. He left his mark, the woman's bra, cut between the "cups", on the tree for all to see how big a man he is. He knows that he will get away with it, as he has done for years. Perhaps he has victimized hundreds. This is part of his culture and an accepted part of his business. Rape is a serious crime in our country but this human filth is not likely to suffer the consequences of his crime. No, he will continue to profit from his illegal business and continue to rape helpless women until our government secures our borders and put him, and his type, out of business!

The young woman now understands her position in our society. She now knows how worthless she and her fellow migrants have become, a commodity for big business and a victim of corrupt government.

Clark A. Kirby
Texas State Director

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