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KTAR Radio Host on the Border with MCDC Volunteers
May 12th, 2007

By Dave Bertrand

When KTAR radio talk host Darrell Ankarlo arrived at the "Lay-Up" area with the Minutemen last week, he was surprised to discover an illegal alien by the name of Armando, left to die in the hot desert of Arizona. With microphone in-hand and an interpreter, they and the Minutemen discovered that an estimated 75 illegal aliens had abandoned him. Armando had no food for the last two days, but he did have water. His exact words..."I would have died if you had not saved my life!"

Armando is a typical example of what happens everyday on "Ground Zero" with the illegal alien invasion in Arizona. He was heading back to Nashville where he was working illegally as a meat cutter. He has a family in Nashville and had gone back to Mexico for an emergency.

Armando is his real name, but while in Nashville, he uses the name of Juan, which is on his fake social security card that he paid $100 for. Ankarlo asked how long does it take to get a fake social security card in Nashville, and Armando replied, "Maybe 5 minutes" with just a phone call.

The link below will take you to KTAR radio and you can review the various encounters that Mr. Ankarlo had as he went into Mexico to hear the lies from the Red Cross, while interviewing illegals and coyote' smugglers.

The incident above with Armando is listed under "Day 4" and each spot leads to the encounter at the "Lay-up" area. It is definately worth listening to.

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