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My trusty 90 lbs Belgian Malinois and I went to the border on Friday afternoon and checked in at the MINUTEMAN headquarters 38 miles north of the border on a private ranch that has requested their services. Very nice people most of them middle age to senior citizen (myself included). NO CRAZY PEOPLE. It is a primitive location so if you decide to check it out go prepared. These folks are who they say they are "CONCERNED AMERICANS WHO WANT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE." I was surprised to find a guy in my training class who drove all the way from Chicago for the same experience as mine, WOW. Training consisted of a complete review of their SOP (which is posted on their website) along with a personal interview (I'm sure to try and keep out the NUTS). We had a little time before we took off to get issued radios, and other equipment, and have a bite to eat. We set up on a dirt road 24 miles north of the border. As soon as we were in position we checked the area for trails, and set about improving our position so we would hear anyone approaching. We then had a last cigar and quieted down to observe. Within an hour after dark one of the posts picked up movement of 12 Illegal Aliens on Infrared sight and called into the Border Patrol. Shortly after that we had to pull out because of a heavy thunderstorm moving into the area, and we had to cross three heavy wash's to get out of the area (IF YOU HAVE BEEN IN THE DESERT WHEN IT RAINS, YOU KNOW WHY WE BEAT FEET). Later Friday evening two more IA's (illegal aliens) walked into the ranch and turned themselves in; Border Patrol was called and they were picked up. I went with an open mind to see what it was all about... I have to say the "MINUTEMAN CIVIL DEFENSE CORPS" are a group of dedicated, concerned Americans who believe that our borders need to be secure and this is their way of informing the voting American and Washington of there concern.

Donald Scoby
Mesa, AZ

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