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Green Valley, AZ

Do you believe the rhetoric? Do you really believe President Bush when he says, "These are just hard working people coming here to better their life?"

This is reality! This is what is happening in our backyard here in southern Arizona.

The Tucson Chapter recon and scouting team has come across these drug pickup sites in just the last few weeks. We have notified Border Patrol and they are now watching these areas as well.

This Mexican blanket was tied up and stuffed with burlap bags used to carry the drugs north. This Mexican blanket was hidden under a dense thicket of trees in an attempt to hide the evidence of drug traffic.
This pile of trash is actually the shoulder straps off of the burlap bundles used to carry drugs. The shoulder straps are usually made out of old Mexican blankets or rolled up burlap.
Ski Masks. Why would "good, hard working, family folk" wear these on their way here? Well you guessed it, this is from the drug smugglers bringing drugs to the streets your children walk.
This is from a second site we found a few miles away. More shoulder straps and burlap bags.

Then just days after finding these drug pickup sites, we get these pictures of Drug Mules carrying their load north. While looking at these pictures, remember that each burlap bundle averages 60 pounds of marijuana. So in these pictures there are 10 different guys with bundles strapped to their backs. So you do the math: 60lbs X 10 is equall to 600 lbs. Now from what I am told, a pound of marijuana is worth $780 on the streets of America. So again you do the math: 600lbs X $780/lbs = $468,000.00

Lance Altherr
Arizona Operations Director
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps
Phone: 520-481-3672

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