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Recommended Gear List for Border Operations

Minuteman Duffle

The well-equipped Minuteman shall have with them a minimum of:

1. Long Pants
2. Long Sleeved Shirt
3. Clean Socks
4. T-shirt
5. Hat
6. Light Jacket or Sweatshirt
7. Windbreaker
8. Rain Gear
9. Sturdy Shoes or Boots
11.Sun Block
12.Sun Glasses
13.Water Containers, Water and Snacks
14.Insect Repellant
18.FRS Radio(s)
19.Spare Batteries
20.Cell Phone & Car Charger
21.Video Camera, Still (digital) Camera and or Audio Recorder
22.Flashlight and Extra Batteries

Nice to Have:
1. Spotting Scope
2. Digital Video Camera
3. Night Vision Equipment
4. Blanket and Ground Pad
5. Re-hydration Fluid, such as Pedialite
6. Personal First-Aid Kit
7. Sense of Humor

Extra handy to have:
1. Thermo Camera
2. Infrared Detection Devices
3. Motion Sensors
4. Trail Counter

MMHQ Radio
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