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On The Border - Connie's Perspective
January 2007 Part II

We have built over two miles of fence and have a good crew going this week. Also we are providing security for both fence lines. We have one wash that will require a double fence, one on top of the other in order to cross on land on each side. The weather has been harsh, we arose to 11.4 degrees yesterday morning. By the time we were in the field it was around 20 degrees. We completed 3/8ths of a mile even with the cold temps.

The activity on the south side of the International Fence picked up yesterday. We again saw Mexican military, we also saw a drop off of six young men with large back packs. They hid in a ravine in Mexico and did not cross while we were there. It is a bit frustrating to know what is going to happen and have no control on it. Many loads of illegals were run to the San Pedro River yesterday while we built fence. We only saw two border patrol agents the entire day. I suspect the holiday had something to do with it. They both were traveling alongside of the vans with the possible illegal aliens.

There has been a ton of noise coming from Mexico regarding the shooting at Paul Spur last week. The Mexican Foreign Relations Secretariat condemned the shooting as an act of "disproportionate violence". The only part of this that is disproportionate is seven illegal aliens pitching rocks at one border patrol agent. We need to speak out and protect our agents from the long arm of the politically correct government we are subject to at the moment. We need to let them know the American people will not let them down. The moral with the Border Patrol has to be at it's worst. How can they do their job with one hand tied behind their back?

For those of you who live here in Arizona we have two years of Gabrielle Gifford to put up with. She has spent about three weeks in Washington and has already returned to let us know that she is going for amnesty. She states that is what the congress wants. She has already forgotten what the people of Arizona want. We passed several resolutions directly related to tighter border security. She has a mandate from the people of Arizona to close the border, but she knows better after spending some time with her fellow congressmen. Remember she is a card carrying ACLU board member.

This week we have volunteers from New Mexico, Arizona, South Dakota, New York, Wisconsin, Idaho, California and Colorado. Some plan to return and help us finish. They are the salt of the earth and great patriots and I am thankful I have the opportunity to meet them.

God bless you all,


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