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March 1, 2007

As a volunteer who not only works a full time job, but a side part-time job, I still make the time to volunteer on the border when my schedule permits. I have heard from so many people the inquiry - "How much of a commitment is required"?
I always reply of the volunteer knowledge that I hold, " As little or as much as you desire."

I personally know of a sweet woman past the age of 65 who drove down to serve one - 8 hour shift, then drove back to Scottsdale to the comfort of her home and bed. I also know of someone who lives on the border a month at a time in another state. There is a minute woman who come to Arizona from Alaska for a month at a time. There are minutemen who fly down from the Northern states. Some drive from Montana and Oregon.

You can volunteer for a weekend - a week - or whatever you can.

It is awesome to be apart of the Border Ops or the Border Fence, as well as interior efforts are also rewarding -so volunteer in the manner and timeframe that you can. It is worth it to stay focused on the "Cause" rather than the issues that arise with character differences and personalities.

We are all volunteers, a part of a non-profit neighborhood watch organization that will accept your volunteer time to be that which you can put forth. Do not hesitate to join us if you are employed full time. We welcome you to serve a minimum or maximum amount of time. It is up to you!

Submitted in a volunteer spirit.

See you on the Border!

AZ Minute Woman

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