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On the Border...The Silent Invasion
March 19, 2007

We have finished with an excellent apprehension ratio. Out of a total of 53 encounters, we (all) had 40 partner(s) and I had 6 encounters (later caught) and 2 apprehensions.

I also had the extreme priviledge and honor to serve on the same post with Chris Simcox, the President and Founder of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps. Last night (Saturday), we were running three lines of about 1 to 2 miles long each. Our line was the Bravo line, and 4 of us set-up around a major traffic area where 2 paths cross each other.

The sunset was beautiful again, and we were getting comfortable for a long night. Chris was set-up about 50 yards away with his partner, and myself and Jeff were on the other side of a pathway. A 5th person (supervisor) was set-up another 100 yards down the path. All vehicles were hidden, and we were under a tree. The entire line composed of 7 posts, north of us.

It had just become dark enough for the thermal vision to be effective, which detects body heat from a pretty good distance. Jeff and I passed it back and forth. Within about 20 minutes of back and forth, I spotted our first two I.A.'s standing and pointing to various mountains in the distance. I passed the night vision to Jeff to confirm, and he called quietly on the radio that, "We have two I.A.'s coming towards us," since everyone was wearing ear pieces, we can communicate without being heard by the approaching I.A.'s most of the time. We got into position and waited for the two illegals to be smack in the middle of all 5 of us....then the word was given to "light em' up!"

These two Mexicans froze where they were, hands in the air, and both eventually sat down.

Border Patrol was called, and we quickly determined the night would be long, since most of their units were on a major group, south of us, and the National Guard had 30 in one group and 55 in another group just south of us, and Border Patrol could not get to us anytime soon, nor could they handle the National Guard.

We now were stuck with these two I.A.'s for the next 4 hours before BP finally showed-up. We fed them, gave them one of my sweat shirts, Chinese Trail Mix the kid didn't like, and a chair for the old man to share with the teen. The teen ended up sleeping for about an hour in the chair. Later we discovered, they were heading to Atlanta. At first, the teen was getting ancy and looking for an escape route, but the blinding lights were too much for him to deal with.

Other illegals (maybe) coming towards us quickly diverted around us, or stayed hidden until we were gone. Our lights were a dead giveaway for many miles. In the morning, a staff member estimated about 30 had cross early in the morning, after our encounter.

This morning (Sunday), about 7 of us went-on a 3 mile round-trip walk to a "set-up" area where illegals dump most of everything they have to lessen their load, and to allow them to mix among others in any community without carrying a backpack, etc.

We found antibiotics, money, cocaine, hats, clothes, backpacks, food, and pamphlet instructions from the Mexican government on how to successfully enter the U.S., plus we found a rape tree where coyote' smugglers rape the girls.

The areas south of Tucson, to the border and between the mountains on two sides, hundreds of "Lay-ups" are everywhere on our side of the border. One is larger than a football field, covered completely. All in all, it was an incredible experience. I WILL be going back soon.

Dave Bertrand

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