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Update: Texas Operations are Vital
April 05, 2007

Fellow Patriots,

The citizens of the Rio Grande Valley have requested that we come to their aid. They are tired of being affected on a daily basis by the rising crime rates and the degradation of their property values. They cautiously approach us because they fear for their very lives. Most have been figuratively "beaten into submission" from the constant threats of violence if they report anything to law enforcement. Now, they are taking a chance by calling on us. Many tell me that we are their last hope. They think that we have lost our country. OUR country....what a concept. What happened to the days when a child could play unmolested all day and into the evening with their neighborhood buddies? We all long for the days when we could leave our front doors unlocked all day while our children played anywhere they pleased.

From the very first day, our efforts have paid off. One proof is that we have been covered extensively in the local "Valley" media. One of the local Mexican Consuls has been quoted as being outraged that the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps volunteers have come from, not only Texas, but from as far away as Alabama, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, and Georgia to set up on THEIR border! She also said that they will be "closely monitoring" our volunteers for violations of their citizens' rights! I guess she means their "rights" to bring more drugs into our country to poison our children. I see no smuggling from here into Mexico, so I say that they have no basis for complaint. It must be known that MCDC's "No Contact" policy puts a lie to their accusations and false charges. We only observe and report to law enforcement authorities.

Another proof of our effectiveness is that it has been reported that since the Minutemen have arrived, the price the "coyotes" (smugglers) are charging to cross the border has gone up from $2,500 to $3,500, a huge inflationary price increase. We believe that we have also scared some of the smugglers into moving further west, out of our eastern area. This is based upon the fact that we have seen some illegal activity around Mission, Texas but not the level that local law enforcement told us to expect. As we have extended our observation lines further and further west, we are seeing a big jump in activity. I do believe that we are helping to deter illegal activity in the Hidalgo-Los Ebanos sector.

One local citizen approached our volunteers along the line and told them that her husband has had to leave his family to find work hundreds of miles away because his business has been so badly damaged by local illegal alien work crews undercutting his bids. This is a violation of the law that we need to see reported in the media.

Local citizens are coming to us asking that "Minutemen" be posted on their property. I tell them that we will comply with their request if at all possible but, the truth is that we do not have the numbers we really need to help them. With forty-five miles of Rio Grande River to monitor, we have our hands full, already.

We have the experience and we have the training to offer this community our assistance. We also have over $50,000 in communications gear and night vision equipment, all purchased with generous contributions from patriotic citizens living all over the country. Our volunteers have all paid their own way to be here. Our ranks are full of the best citizens.

Minuteman Civil Defense Corps has the answer to "how do we secure our border?". Therefore, I am putting out a call for all concerned, patriotic citizens to come. If you have no criminal record, are respectful to all, regardless of sex or race, and can abide by the other provisions in our SOP (, we can use you. If you have a Texas Concealed Handgun License (CHL) we will waive the $50 registration fee. We do this not because we are looking for "shooters", but because your state-issued CHL proves to MCDC that you have a clean record. The phone number for our Texas Border Operations HQ is 956-580-2575. Call and ask how you can register with MCDC and serve on our border watch on any day during the month of April. But, time is running out, so do it today!

All media are welcome to come to our Texas Border Operations HQ in Mission, Texas and go "out on the line" with us, day or night. Spanish language media are especially welcome. "Se habla Espanol". We wish for our Hispanic citizens, some of whom do not speak English, to hear or see what is happening here on the border. It is they who are most negatively impacted by the crime in our communities. All credentialed journalists may see for themselves and report the price we all pay for an unsecured border.

We are beset monthly by thousands who are crossing the river to steal your tax dollars by "gaming" our social services, including our public schools. These illegal aliens are taking the jobs our youngest, less skilled, and less educated citizens depend upon. They are not just from Mexico, but from all over the world, including from countries that may be a threat. The "coyotes" only care about the money, so they take everyone. Did you know that 750 Americans are killed every month by illegal aliens? Our law enforcement officers pay a tragic price for cheap labor. If this is not an invasion, I don't know what it is!

Texas is the cradle of liberty and it must be preserved at all costs. We need Texas patriots to come to our state's and country's aid with all dispatch. We will help the National Guard and the overworked, underpaid U.S. Border Patrol hold the line until reinforcements arrive. God bless Texas. God bless America. God bless us all.

Sincerely yours,
Clark A. Kirby
Texas State Director
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps

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