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PHOENIX, AZ (September 30, 2006) – Chris Simcox, President of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps (“MCDC”), released the following statement about the Senate vote on the “Border Security Act”:

“It is gratifying to have the Senate finally vote on legislation to secure our borders. Some wise and experienced Senators have raised important questions as to whether the government intends to actually fund the proposed 700 miles of fencing included in this legislation. Other critical questions revolve around the technology and budgetary standards the government will accept for fence design and construction. We need a fence, not pie in the sky, and smoke and mirrors votes.

“The Minutemen will remain vigilant, active and engaged in our on-going border watch patrols, and in our fence construction – as the political dance in Washington, DC continues. We urge the President to sign this legislation as soon as possible and to actually implement a rigorous and affordable construction schedule to help get our borders under control. The Minutemen will keep a watchful eye to keep the government honest on this promise.

“Our goal has always been to see the rule of law brought back to the border. We have sought to show the government what we think homeland security should look like, and how doable border control can be. When you have obvious vigilance at the border you vastly decrease the current steady waves of migrant trafficking, drug dealers, possible terrorists, gang members, rapists, thieves, weapons and sex traders, and untold contraband into our country. What we have today is a vote and nothing more. It is imperative that our government actually follow through this time on their promise to secure our borders. Their track record on follow through is abysmal.

“The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps stood watch on our frontiers all year and brought national awareness to the crisis of our broken borders. The fact remains that the United States borders are anything but secure. We will remain at our posts until American national security is in deed the priority for the federal government that it has finally become in speech – and that will be when our borders are actually secured.”


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