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MCDC Receives a Generous Communications Donation

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As president of Minuteman Civil Defense Corps I wish to sincerely thank a great American couple, patriots who proudly served our nation as members of the United States Army.  The volunteers of MCDC will benefit from a generous donation of 1-60 foot radio tower and 2-50 foot radio towers along with antennas, cabling, a 2 -meter commercial repeater and a 450 MHz commercial repeater.  The equipment was generously donated to the Minuteman by Doris Chambers and her husband, retired First Sergeant Buddy R. Chambers who served 22 years as a member of the United States Army special forces.  Doris also proudly served her country as a secretary stenographer while a member of the United States Army Women's Army Corps.

We sincerely thank them for the donation of thousands of dollars for high-tech radio equipment that will be used to expand and improve our communications in the field as we work to support Border Patrol and Homeland Security along our border with Mexico.

Also many thanks to the determined group of MCDC volunteers who helped
disassemble the towers and to Pineapple 6 for transporting the towers and equipment to the border.

Chris Simcox
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps

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