The Official Minuteman Civil Defense Corps

Press Release - Government Action related to Illegal immigration



PHOENIX, AZ- The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps (MCDC) call upon their volunteers and citizens nationally to join them in opposing a "comprehensive immigration reform" bill being introduced today in the U.S. House of Representatives that will officially create the roadmap to amnesty that President George W. Bush has been espousing since his January State of the Union Address.  It is just one week after President Bush's return from Mexico, where he pledged to support a greater wave of illegal migrant crossings of those seeking "amnesty," and U.S. Reps. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) and Jeff Flake (R-AZ) are set to introduce amnesty legislation that mimics last year's efforts by U.S. Senators John McCain (R-AZ) and Edward Kennedy (D-MA).

"The legislation being offered today is tantamount to a lawbreaker assistance program," states Chris Simcox, founder and President of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps. "The U.S. Department of Justice claims that three of the recently fired U.S. District Attorneys were allegedly punished for their unwillingness to enforce federal immigration laws and hold illegals accountable for crimes committed in the United States, yet Members of Congress and our President want to pardon millions of people for their criminal activities." 

The Minutemen urge citizens to IMMEDIATELY contact their U.S. Representatives and demand that they oppose the Flake-Gutierrez Bill, which seeks to create a roadmap to amnesty.  Congressmen should empower and enforce the funding of a security fence on our nation's borders.

The implications of the Flake-Gutierrez Bill are expected to:
*             Bypass a mandatory pre-requisite for any immigration reform-securing our nation's borders;
*             Reward lawbreakers with a path to citizenship;
*             Provide increased incentives for more illegal immigration into this country;
*             Displace American workers and depress wages;
*             Add trillions in lifetime expenditures to an already bloated federal budget, bankrupting Social Security and other social services;
*             Create an inherently unfair system for those who play by the rules, apply through legal channels, and patiently wait in line to legally immigrate to the United States;
*             Maintain a steady stream of illegal migrants among whom terrorists, thugs, rapists, drug dealers and sex traffickers can hide.

In an effort to curtail the "amnesty surge" presently underway and the increase in illegal border crossings and drug trafficking that is traditionally highest during the months of April and October, over 3,500 Minutemen volunteers will muster nationally for thirty days next month to monitor over 800 miles of our embattled border line.  Minutemen will muster along the U.S.-Mexican border in California, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona as well as the U.S.-Canada border in New York, New Hampshire and Washington State.

In addition to border monitoring efforts, the Minutemen continue to volunteer their time, energy and personal funds in order to build highly effective demonstration security fencing on private ranch land, expensed through private donations obtained from thousands of citizens nationally. Minuteman volunteers have taken steps to build fence along the border utilizing the fiber optic mesh produced by FOMGuard, USA, also currently in use on U.S. military installations, the DMZ in Korea and the West Bank in Israel. 

Simcox continues, "Our elected leaders need to be actively enforcing border security - not aiding and abetting a foreign invasion via amnesty schemes. "Voters should inform their elected officials that they are to fulfill the requirements of the U.S. Constitution and the oaths of office that go with federal public service-to protect and defend the general welfare."

The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps (MCDC) is a peaceful, law-abiding and citizen-led initiative organized to stand watch at our borders and in our neighborhoods, report illegal activities to the proper authorities, and build border fencing on private lands using private donations. Additionally, MCDC seeks to urge local and federal officials to enforce our immigration laws in order to keep our families and country safe.  MCDC conducts border watch operations that assist the activities of the U.S. Border Patrol, reports employers of illegal aliens, and advocates to keeps tax dollars from being used for illegal alien benefits.

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