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PHOENIX, AZ— The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps (MCDC) calls upon their volunteers and citizens nationally who are concerned with the issue of border security to join them in opposing the amnesty bill scheduled for debate in the U.S. Senate beginning next Monday, May 14, 2007.   The amnesty legislation that is being fast-tracked by the Democratic Leadership, was crafted in secrecy by the White House, and mimics last year’s Kennedy-McCain bill in officially creating the roadmap to illegal alien amnesty that President George W. Bush has been aggressively espousing since his State of the Union Address in January. 


“Our elected leaders need to be actively enforcing border security – not aiding and abetting a foreign invasion via amnesty schemes,” states Chris Simcox, founder and President of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps.  “Voters should inform their elected officials that they are to fulfill the requirements of the U.S. Constitution and the oaths of office that go with federal public service—to protect and defend the general welfare.”


The Minutemen urge citizens to immediately contact the White House and their U.S. Senators in order to demand that they oppose the bill under consideration that forces amnesty forward into law.  In addition, voters should remind Members of Congress to enforce the funding of a security fence on our nation’s borders that received passage in both the U.S.  House and the Senate, and President Bush signed into law last year.


Unlike the U.S. Government, the Minutemen have already been implementing a plan for border security that includes an effective material barrier – by volunteering their time, energy and personal funds in order to build highly effective demonstration security fencing on private ranch land, expensed through private donations obtained from thousands of citizens nationally.  Minuteman volunteers have taken steps to build this fence along the border utilizing state of the art technology with the fiber optic mesh produced by FOMGuard, USA, also currently in use on U.S. military installations, the DMZ in Korea and the West Bank in Israel, and recently featured in National Geographic magazine. 


Simcox continues, ”for citizens who have been concerned with the issue of border security, this is our time to shine and muster the support of our nation in her own defense.  It is high time we demonstrate to the out-of-touch Washington elites, feckless lawmakers and the open borders lobby that Americans will not take this fight lying down.”


The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps (MCDC) is a peaceful, law-abiding and citizen-led initiative organized to stand watch at our borders and in our neighborhoods, report illegal activities to the proper authorities, and aid in the construction of border fencing on private lands using private donations.  Additionally, MCDC seeks to urge local and federal officials to enforce our immigration laws in order to keep our families and country safe.  MCDC conducts border watch operations that assist the activities of the U.S. Border Patrol, reports employers of illegal aliens, and advocates to keeps tax dollars from being used for illegal alien benefits.

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