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PHOENIX, AZ — The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps (MCDC) call for the Bush Administration to reconsider its withdrawal of National Guard troops stationed on the U.S-Mexican border while   current policies already raise concerns that our porous borders serve as an open pathway to an ever-increasing illegal alien migrant invasion. MCDC believes that the withdrawal of troops will exacerbate a worsening situation of border intrusions and coyote violence, which has been fed by irresponsible “amnesty” talk from Washington and withdrawal of the National Guard presence also sends the wrong message to international drug dealers, criminals and terrorists with designs upon America.

“It is simply the case that the voters made their priorities clear to Washington earlier this summer—secure the borders, enforce the laws, in that order,” states Chris Simcox.  “Now it’s time for Washington to get with the program and to keep the troops at the border.”  

Currently, the Minuteman message of “border security first” has provided a growing impetus for the creation of 92 MCDC nationally-sponsored chapters, organized at the state and local levels. 

MCDC has been stalwart in advocating that border security be implemented immediately with funds already allocated to the Department of Homeland Security’s treasury through the 2006 Secure Fence Act, and with the placement of 20,000 National Guard troops stationed on the U.S.-Mexico border.  MCDC rejects on-going Bush administration and Congressional calls for massive spending from hypothetical billions of new dollars for unproven “virtual” border security in exchange for amnesty programs, and the removal of border security personnel—including already deployed National Guard.

Unlike the U.S. government, the Minutemen have already been implementing a plan for border security that is more than “virtual” and that includes an effective material barrier—by volunteering their time, energy and personal funds in order to build highly effective demonstration security fencing on private ranch land, expensed through private donations obtained from thousands of citizens nationally.  To educate the public and force federal government attention to the realities of border security, Minuteman volunteers have taken steps to build this fence along the border utilizing state of the art technology with the fiber optic mesh produced by FOMGuard, USA, also currently in use on U.S. military installations, the DMZ in Korea and the West Bank in Israel, and recently featured in National Geographic magazine. 

Simcox continues, “When the administration ‘cracks down’ on employers one day and loosens security on the border the next day, it’s sending a schizophrenic message to the American people and rolling out the red carpet for the criminal element who seek to do us harm. We must keep the troops on the borders until American sovereignty and territory is truly and demonstrably secure.  Only then we can focus on new strategies for interior enforcement.  Securing our borders against the present onslaught of migrant alien invasion and terrorist infiltration must remain the top priority for the sake of national security and public safety today, and for future generations of Americans.  We need those troops—and many more like them—left right where they are.”

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