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PHOENIX, AZ— Nearly two years after being organized, the Herndon Minutemen group was set to deactivate upon the closing of the formal day laborer center in Herndon, VA on Friday, September 14th. With the public announcement that the National Day Labor Organizing Network (NDLON) is coming to Herndon to attempt to keep the day laborers active in the area, it appears that instead, the Minuteman mission will continue.

George Taplin, President of the Herndon chapter of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, told the Washington Post and other media at the time the Minuteman chapter was organized, “When the Herndon Day Labor site is closed we will have accomplished our mission.” Taplin today said, “We were prepared to disband and move onto the political side of the debate, however, because outside organizations are trying to assert their influence on the citizens of Herndon, we are obliged to postpone our deactivation indefinitely.”

Taplin continued, “Despite the fact that the citizens and elected officials of Herndon, and those of the surrounding towns and counties, have decided in open political process that they do not want the day laborers here, NDLON is attempting to force their agenda upon our communities – and it is one that continues to wreck our economies and break our laws.”

During the past two years, the Herndon Minutemen focused their efforts on the employers of illegal aliens, who exploited cheap illegal labor in violation of numerous federal and state laws and local ordinances. Starting at the original day labor pickup site at the Elden Street 7-11 convenience store in Herndon, and continuing at the Herndon Official Worker site set up by the now-deposed Town Council in December 2006, the Minutemen observed, recorded, and photographed the many employers who would pick up day laborers for their business activities. This information would then be reported to the appropriate local, state, or federal agencies for further investigation and penalties. Contrary to the statements by editorialists and pro-illegal advocacy groups like Casa de Maryland, the Minutemen never once harassed a day laborer or followed any laborers to their homes.

The Minutemen uncovered many employer violations including lack of licenses, non-payment of state and federal taxes, failure to file Social Security and Medicare information and tax withholding, lack of liability insurance, and failure to contribute to Workman’s Compensation funds. Minuteman actions reversed the ratio of hiring from primarily business hiring to mostly residential. The long parade of construction, painting, and landscape business trucks picking up illegal day laborers has been replaced by mostly homeowner vehicles. Many of these business employers admitted that it was fear of exposure and discovery of their violations that drove them away from using the Herndon day labor site.

Now the Herndon Minutemen will continue to observe and report on all employers who hire illegal aliens, as they have done for the past two years. The Minuteman organization finds it ironic that its activities return to the same streets of Herndon where they started just two years ago, but significant political change during that time has been achieved. Once derided, the Minuteman mission is now lauded and imitated, often by the same politicians who ignorantly denounced Minuteman citizen patriots in the beginning. The Herndon Minutemen have been doing the right thing for two years, and they will continue to do so as long as it is necessary to return Herndon to the will of the people, and the rule of law.

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