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—The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps call upon Congress to return to work on December 26, and issue an emergency spending bill in order to secure our nation’s open borders by funding the immediate construction of our Border Fence, as detailed and authorized in the Secure Fence Act of 2006. Minutemen volunteers and thousands of concerned citizens will be contacting their legislators on Christmas Eve to express their outrage at Congress and the President for stripping away already appropriated funding for the Border Fence construction that was promised the American people in October 2006.

“Congress truly pulled the rug out from under us while we were doing our last minute holiday shopping, deceiving the American people and only showing goodwill to the 12 million lawbreakers living among us,” sates Chris Simcox, President of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps. “We must enforce an understanding upon our apparently duplicitous Washington lawmakers that we—and they—cannot enjoy the holiday season unless we know America’s families will be safe from the terrorists, gang criminals and international drug cartels that are swarming our country every day through our open borders.”

Minutemen are not willing to risk more dangerous delays, or gamble on the political will of a new, more liberal 111th Congress in 2009—which is why we strongly advocate that the border security movement take action this week. Despite the wonderful distractions of the season, the Will of the People for national security and safety enforcement must be resoundingly delivered to Congress in the same manner as we mustered last summer for the Senate “NO Amnesty” votes.

Simcox concludes,This is the same funding that has been promised to us since President Bush signed the Secure Fence Act in October 2006. Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) has stated over and over that it was designated for Homeland Security Department to construct a physical Border Fence—and we are determined to make sure a true barrier Border Fence to secure America becomes a reality.”

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