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—Volunteers of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps (MCDC) held their first 2008 border muster in California and Arizona which resulted in the sighting of at least 140 illegal entrants, 15 apprehensions by the U.S. Border Patrol as well as 3 life saving rescues during the 2 near moonless nights with temperatures dropping below freezing. Minuteman volunteers used MCDC-provided third generation night vision goggles, thermal cameras and mounted Eye-in-the-Sky technology in high illegal-traffic locations, to demonstrate citizen appreciation for the difficult work conducted by U.S. Border Patrol agents. Our federal agents continue to serve under increasingly dangerous conditions, as they receive mere lip service from Washington lawmakers, who just last month stripped $3 Billion of border security funding from the budget of the Homeland Security Department.

“Border Patrol has alerted us that the annual post-holiday rush has begun, with a marked increase of border incursions across our Southern border,” states MCDC President and Founder Chris Simcox. “It is proof positive that our government needs to issue an emergency spending bill in order to restore the funding for construction of a physical border fence—and until such time as the barrier fence is completed and the border is secured, we need to post the National Guard troops back on the U.S.-Mexico border to fend off this invasion.”

The results of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps border watch for illegal alien activities include:

On Friday night, U.S. Border Patrol agents provided rapid response and support to Minuteman reported sightings of two groups of incursion in Arizona, one of which numbered more than 90 suspected illegal aliens that resulted in 15 confirmed apprehensions, with Border Patrol agents on foot and helicopters tracking the groups who evaded capture. Only two individual illegal aliens were found during daylight shifts after they were lost with no food for more than two days in the desert, and were provided with humanitarian aid by Minuteman volunteers before they were arrested by Border Patrol agents.

Simcox concludes, “Current federal policies raise concerns that our broken borders serve as an open pathway to an increasing illegal alien migrant invasion—among whom are concealed God-only-knows how many potential terrorists. The reluctance by the federal government to secure our borders properly and enforce immigration laws is exacerbating a worsening situation of criminal cartel border incursions, rampant drug, sex and “coyote” migrant-trafficking and violence, and this crisis will only deepen with Washington’s refusal to secure our porous border for yet another year. We need a border fence, we need the National Guard back on duty, and we need them NOW.”

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