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Article - Mexican Border Issues

MinuteManHQ On Patrol: In Four States All Month In October

Join fellow Patriot-Minutemen in October for a four state month-long Border Patrol to observe, report and protect the US from illegal immigration in all southern border states is the new National Organization for the original Minuteman border project.  It is the only group authorized by Chris Simcox and Jim Gilchrist who organized the first border watch.    

Contact us immediately to learn about upcoming missions. We are expanding to California, Texas and New Mexico on the southern border. Requests from activated volunteers on the northern border with Canada – Maine, Vermont, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, Idaho and Washington State are creating new operations, this is truly an exciting time for Patriots!

“Congress and the U.S. Senate continue to drag their feet on securing our borders with U.S. military and National Guard troops.  Meanwhile, thousands of illegal immigrants cross our southern border every week.

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