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— Chris Simcox, President and Founder of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps (MCDC), today issued an alert to all Minutemen calling on them to participate in Operation "Poll Watch 2008"- A national muster to make sure legal U.S. residents and registered voters are allowed to vote.

Simcox said “The right to vote is precious and the future of our democracy hangs in the balance.” In 2004, 56 percent of the Arizona voters passed Proposition 200 to require proof of citizenship or legal residency to vote.


Arizona voters value the sanctity of the voting process by protecting the system from fraud such as we are now hearing is rampant and that sanctity is being undermined by Obama support groups like ACORN.


In most every other state millions of voters will not be required to show proof of citizenship and are barely required to prove who they say they are. In Arizona the sanctity of our state issued driver's license is protected by the requirement to prove legal residency in the state.


Minutemen are asked to protect themselves with video cameras and spend a few hours at their local polling places and be vigilant to document anything that may be out of the ordinary or suspicious especially the bus loads of people who will arrive at many locations around the country.


In 2004 the Columbus Dispatch reported that illegal alien Nuradin Abdi—the suspected shopping mall bomb plotter from Somalia—was registered to vote in the battleground state of Ohio by the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), a left-wing activist group. Also on the Ohio voting rolls: convicted al Qaeda agent Lyman Faris, who planned to sabotage the Brooklyn Bridge and had entered the country fraudulently from Pakistan on a student visa.["Long gone but still registered Ohio’s Election Day rolls include people who couldn’t—and shouldn’t—vote ,October 24, 2004, Jon Craig The Columbus Dispatch"]


Simcox continued and said “There are many more documented accounts of rampant voter fraud from Wisconsin to Florida but thankfully not here in Arizona, voters made sure of that by passing prop 200 in 2004.”  However in many other states fraud is actually encouraged and many organizations will likely aggressively oppose basic ID requirements at the polls.  And they have legions of attorneys standing by to protect people potentially voting illegally from election officials who ask for proof of I.D. who will be accused of harassment and intimidation. They will be accused of disenfranchising the poor and the minorities—never mind the damaging effect of unchecked voter fraud on law, order, and the integrity of our electoral system.


Our Government is still NOT DOING ITS JOB!  On November 4th Minutemen will be on duty to be sure you legal citizens get to vote.

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