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PHOENIX, AZ (June 7, 2006) – Chris Simcox, President of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps (“MCDC”), issued the following statement in response to President Bush’s amnesty blitzkrieg media tour:

“The president is crossing the country trying unsuccessfully to foist his non-amnesty amnesty upon the American people, who have the good sense to know what ‘is’ is.  As the elections across the country yesterday proved, the American people want border security first, border security now and border security before anything else will be considered.

"There is no ‘growing consensus’ among the American people for granting amnesty for illegally entering this country, granting amnesty to businesses who hire illegally, granting amnesty to illegals for income tax evasion, document fraud and identity theft, or even for the U.S. government playing coyote and selling American citizenship for a $2,000 ‘fine.’

“There is, however, an overwhelming consensus among the sovereign American people to secure the border first.  The urgent need is not for ‘comprehensive immigration reform’ cum amnesty/guest worker/massive immigration increases. The president is spreading fear and mistrust of the government.  The American people are not naive, and this administration and the Senate should stop acting as if we are.  We do not trust the president to secure the borders.  Let him first prove that he will provide the national security he is sworn to at our borders—then we can figure out what to do with the estimated 12-20 million illegals already in this country.

“When you secure the borders, cut off welfare and social services to illegals at the expense of the American taxpayer, and strictly enforce the laws against hiring illegally, the problem of what to do with the estimated 12-20 million illegals already in this country will drastically shrink in size and scope.  The president knows this and so do the rest of our politicians who want to reward their open-borders donors with an unending flood of slave-wage labor. The American people know better than to buy President Bush’s spin.

“The Minutemen challenge the president to back up his urgent border security statements by immediately deploying 36,000 armed National Guard, reserve or active duty soldiers to the border to wrest operational control back from international criminal cartels.  There is no conflict with posse comitatus as this is not a law enforcement matter but a matter of national security. 

"The president should also immediately require every employer to use the ‘voluntary’ Social Security verification system, as this is the first step in determining the true scope of the illegal migrant worker problem.

"If he will institute these measures to gain the confidence of the American people, he will prove that he is serious about securing our borders.  Then and only then will the American people have the trust and confidence in our government to move on to deliberations regarding ‘comprehensive immigration reform.’”


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