Illegal Alien Mobs Take to the Streets...
…Demanding US Citizens' Rights
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Senate Ready to Pass Amnesty for Illegal Aliens
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This weekend we saw something very disturbing. An illegal alien mob came out of the shadows by the hundreds of thousands and descended on Phoenix, Denver and Los Angeles.

Like an invading horde, they demanded US citizen rights, but without any citizen duties, responsibilities, loyalties. Has our beloved America become France?

Are riots in the streets and the burning of cars in Washington DC next?

The media estimates that almost one million illegal foreign migrants and their advocates militantly marched in the streets of America under the flag of Mexico. Their agenda is for our federal laws to be ignored, and their criminal trespass into these sovereign United States to be rewarded with unlimited benefits that include the rights of American citizenship!

MinutemanAs these large mobs of foreigners marched proudly under the flag of a foreign country to demand the right to live and prosper in the United States, they claimed that the issue is immigration. But their own actions reveal what is in fact a determined effort to force Americans to accept large foreign colonies in our midst, and to pay handsomely for the privilege of doing so. We have both the right and the moral obligation to defend America, and “just say ‘No!’”

Millions of law abiding US citizens understand what is at stake, and wonder what our response should be to sedition, intimidation and acts of defiance against our republic and our ordered liberty.  Providentially, the patriotic American response recommences this week...  The Minutemen.

The Minutemen say, as loyal Americans have always said, “Immigration, yes—colonization, no!”

The Mexican government, Open Borders, MEChA, LULAC and other left-wing organizations are all demanding that the US violate our Constitution, compromise our national security and national sovereignty, and undermine the rule of law.

Millions of illegal aliens and their handlers are shouting: "No nations, No borders” and “Our 'rights' trump the US, its Constitution, its citizens and its laws.”

And they're becoming more vocal and activist every day.

But their objective is not true citizenship; what they demand is absent any of the duties, responsibilities and loyalties incumbent to sustain America.

Illegal aliens in America are here only because they are guilty of criminal violation

of our federal laws, ‘jumping’ our borders and living in a shadowy underground economy. They are morally culpable for shoving aside those who adhere to the law and enter these United States in orderly and legal fashion. Since when do criminals and cheaters receive pride of place for the blessings of liberty, over those honestly, earnestly and faithfully seeking to become American citizens?

This is more than a wakeup call—it is an affront to requirements of responsible self-government.

How did this happen? Our government did not do its job and enforce the rule of law . Instead it has looked the other way as international criminal syndicates, drug cartels, foreign governments, and radical advocacy groups work to destroy the very foundations of the constitutional rights so many Americans have fought for and died to protect.

What will the politicians in Washington do now?Follow the rule of law and represent the 92 PERCENT OF AMERICANS WHO WANT the US BORDERS SECURED? Or will they make common cause with radical globalists, “free-trade” ideologues, and big business lobbyists seeking to exploit cheap foreign labor—even if it creates a new migrant class of indentured labor within our borders?

President Bush has called for a reasonable and civil debate over the issues of border security and immigration reform. But the American people understand there can be no responsible immigration reform UNTIL OUR BORDERS ARE SECURE. “Guest worker” amnesty programs ARE NOT a part of border security.

It is CRITICAL that you ACT TODAY! If we can FLOOD the offices of these Senators with TENS OF THOUSANDS of faxes, demanding that they REJECT any "guest worker" amnesty bill, we CAN stop the dangerous Specter-Kennedy sell-out dead in its tracks. But we need YOUR help. Send your blast faxes to EVERY SINGLE US Senator AT ONCE for just $29, RIGHT NOW:

The crisis before us today is not surprising to the patriots of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps (MCDC). For more than three years, Chris Simcox and his volunteers, in hopes of protecting their Arizona communities, have been observing and reporting illegal aliens pouring across our southern border… now all America need do is look out the window, and witness in our streets the consequences of our government’s failure to enforce our laws.

One year ago, the Minutemen decided to go public and national, to do the job our government still refuses to do. A brave and dedicated group of 800 patriots mustered for duty in Tombstone, AZ to watch the border and assist the US Border Patrol by reporting illegal crossings—and prove that if we have the political will, our borders can be secured.

Now, under the leadership of Chris Simcox MCDC has grown to more than 6500 trained patriot volunteers. They have awakened the American citizenry, and moved the US Congress to pass HR 4437—sparking a national security and immigration debate that rages in the Senate and across the nation this week.

Now is NOT the time for our Minutemen to back down and allow advocates of anarchy to destroy the rule of law.

Our political leaders lack the backbone to enforce the law and are pushing a radical agenda that would eliminate enforcement of our borders and allow greater access to taxpayer-funded benefits for illegal aliens.

Law abiding American citizens must say that we WILL NOT tolerate an open, chaotic border any longer.  We will not be bullied into surrendering to foreigners our national security, our national sovereignty and our rights as US citizens.

The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps is on duty again throughout April protecting our borders from foreign invasion. They, as always, are respectful of the law and generous in their compassion for the exploited and indigent humanity flooding our frontier.

YOU can make a REAL DIFFERENCE. The politicians will talk; the liberal media and the “Hate America” crowd will complain about offending law breakers. The Minutemen will ACT in defense of America!


Chris Simcox, President
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps


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CLICK HERE we need your financial help NOW!

If you prefer to donate by check, please mail to:
Minuteman Civil Defense
Dept Code 100
PO Box 130707
Houston, TX 77219-0707

Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, Inc.
6501 Greenway Parkway
Suite 103-640
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(520) 829-3112