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unlawful and unauthorized entry of all individuals, contraband, and foreign military.
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Flag Desecration at a Pro-Illegals Rally in Phoenix 7/31/10
Pictures from Pro-Illegals Rally in Phoenix 7/31/10 [READ MORE...]

Phoenix Rising Rally at the State Capitol
The rally was called Phoenix Rising for a reason. On this day Americans came together to watch as the Phoenix arose from the ashes of non-enforcement of our immigration laws that has gone on for decades. They stood for the rule of law and in support of Arizona and its new law SB1070. [READ MORE...]

Please mark your 2009 Calendars with
MCDC Arizona Musters for 2009 are scheduled. [READ MORE...]

Phoenix Chapter Meeting for November!
MCDC Phoenix Chapter is proud to announce its upcoming November meeting!! [READ MORE...]

MCDC - ARIZONA Alert of our November Muster
Minuteman Operation: "Security and Sovereignty" [READ MORE...]

MCDC- Arizona October Muster
Minuteman Operation: "Sovereignty Now" Starts October 3rd!!! [READ MORE...]

September Muster Information


MCDC Phoenix & Mesa Volunteers Needed
We are down to the wire in our effort to collect signatures to put the LAW and SOUL initiatives to the vote of the people in November. [READ MORE...]

June Muster Information
JUNE 20-22 2008


Arizona Meetings & Events Alert
Arizona Meetings & Events Alert [READ MORE...]

MCDC Volunteers are encouraged to join other patriotic groups at the Arizona State Capitol in Phoenix, Arizona. [READ MORE...]

April 2008 Operation Sovereignty a complete success at Camp Anvil
This year our April muster ran seventeen days, starting April 4th and ending April 20th. This was part of an experiment, this year, of running more musters but shortening our traditional long musters (April and October). So far this looks like a promising strategy but we will wait until the end of the year to evaluate the results of this approach. [READ MORE...]

Latino leaders: Veto immigration-policing bill
A handful of influential Latino activists have delivered a letter to Gov. Janet Napolitano asking that she veto a measure that would require local police to cooperate with federal authorities on immigration enforcement. [READ MORE...]

Virtual fence on Mexican border to be replaced
The government will replace its highly touted "virtual fence" on the Arizona-Mexico border with new towers, radars, cameras and computer software, scrapping the brand-new $20 million system because it doesn't work sufficiently, officials said. [READ MORE...]

Mexico awakening
Mexico loses more than just workers when its people cross the U.S. border illegally in search of jobs. It loses fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, sisters and brothers. It loses social structure. [READ MORE...]

Immigration battle comes to Green Valley
It’s supposed to be a peaceful place for thousands to retire, but some in Green Valley say the immigration battle is hitting too close to home. The latest incident involved an SUV crashing into a house. The vehicle was full of illegal immigrants and was being chased by the Border Patrol. [READ MORE...]

Arizonas Immigration Two-Step
Traumatized by a tidal wave of illegal immigrants, Arizona last year enacted the nation's most pitiless law to punish employers who hire undocumented workers. [READ MORE...]

Group Refiles Immigration Ballot Measure
A proposed ballot measure that would require citizenship or an alternate legal status to be verified or expressed before Arkansans over 13 could receive public benefits was refiled Thursday after being rejected by the attorney general. [READ MORE...]

Arizona Spring Muster coming to a close this Saturday, April 19th
The Arizona Closing Ceremony is scheduled! [READ MORE...]

Robb : Fortunately, guest-worker plan is a bust
The pilot guest-worker program being fast-tracked through the Arizona Legislature won't work. [READ MORE...]

Mesa immigration protest prompts police memo
Mesa Police Chief George Gascón unveiled more of his plan Thursday to minimize civil unrest when and if Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio brings his anti-immigration sweeps into the city. [READ MORE...]

When are the citizens of Green Valley and the Santa Cruz Valley going to become outraged enough to demand immediate action concerning the illegal alien problem? Will it require assaults, murder, robbery, reckless manslaughter or what? [READ MORE...]

Pinal officers trained in immigration law
Five Pinal County Sheriff's officers have completed training that will allow them to enforce federal immigration law, an official said Monday. [READ MORE...]

April 2008 Muster Information

February 2008 Muster: The Invasion Continues
Braving near freezing temperatures, 60 volunteers of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps spent 56 hours last weekend manning observation posts in various locations in the Altar Valley area of Arizona. [READ MORE...]

MCDC Volunteers needed for Gun Show in Phoenix
MCDC Volunteers are needed for the Crossroads of the West Gun Show in Phoenix!!! [READ MORE...]

MCDC is requesting your presence February 15-17 at the King’s Anvil Ranch, Three Points, to stand the lines once again for our 2nd 2008 MINUTEMAN MUSTER. [READ MORE...]

Arizona Law Takes a Toll on Nonresident Students
Voters passed a 2006 referendum, Proposition 300, that forbids college students who cannot prove they are legal residents from receiving state financial assistance. [READ MORE...]

DNA links illegal immigrant to serial rapes
His escape was cut short Chandler detectives closed in. [READ MORE...]

Border crime requires joint enforcement
Our view: But Pima County Sheriff's Department and Border Patrol plan must focus on crime, not immigration [READ MORE...]

Arizona January Border Muster -JANUARY 11-13 2008
Arizona January Border Muster JOIN US IN ARIZONA JANUARY 11-13 2008 [READ MORE...]

Emergency Towhall meeting in Phoenix-12-13
Emergency Community Meeting-Tonite 12-13 [READ MORE...]

Have a Happy Thanksgiving...Please Read -Event Alert-November-December
EVENT ALERT-Arizona MCDC Volunteers and Supporters [READ MORE...]

Tucson Unified School District a Sanctuary?
The Tucson Police Department and the Tucson Unified School District no longer will summon Border Patrol officials or immigration authorities to school grounds, officials said Tuesday. [READ MORE...]

You are missing out, it you haven’t been to the Arizona border watch this month. Just ask the over 200 volunteers we have had in camp so far
You are missing out, it you haven’t been to the Arizona border watch this month. Just ask the over 200 volunteers we have had in camp so far. [READ MORE...]

Hypocrisy? You be The Judge
The SBI Net is designed to help detect Illegal Aliens and protect our country. [READ MORE...]

Operation Secure America - Arizona Muster Announcement
This year’s month-long, fall muster is dedicated to the Border Patrol. “Dedicated”, “Brave”, and “Diligent” are words frequently thrown around loosely these days, but they really do apply to the men and women of the BP. [READ MORE...]

September 2007 Muster in Arizona
MCDC is requesting your presence September 21-23 to stand the lines once again for a weekend operation dubbed “Silent Knights.” Please note that THIS MONTH WE WILL RESUME DAY SHIFTS. [READ MORE...]

Moonlight Musters in Green Valley
MCDC is requesting your presence to stand the lines once again for a weekend operations dubbed "Moonlight Madness!" [READ MORE...]

Biz group takes aim at employer sanctions
Coalition of business owners launched effort to support lawsuit challenging the legislation at a press conference today. [READ MORE...]

Personal profit trumps national security and rule of law
We need to keep collecting signatures to support the Legal Arizona Workers initiative. [READ MORE...]

MCDC is requesting your presence July 20-22 to stand the lines once again for a weekend operation dubbed “The Heat Goes On!” Our efforts are to help Border Patrol and National Guard stop the invasion of our sovereign nation. [READ MORE...]

Minutemen patrol in GV area
The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps launched its first patrol in the Green Valley area Saturday and a spokesman pledged, “We’ll be back.” [READ MORE...]

Announcing the June 2007 Muster in Arizona
MCDC is requesting your presence June 15th, 16th, and 17th to stand the lines once again for a weekend operation dubbed ‘Keep it Hot’. [READ MORE...]

Message to AZ MCDC Volunteers
Our AZ Chapter will not be affected by turmoil from just a dozen members. [READ MORE...]

Minuteman Search & Rescue
AZ MCDC members trained in the Altar Valley this past weekend to expand their skills for saving lives and locating people lost in the desert. [READ MORE...]

Senate Sellout
The following article comes from the Local Border Patrol Agents Union web page. We are NOT the only ones upset! [READ MORE...]

Observation of U.S.A. Day - May 1, 2007
Minuteman CDC volunteers were amongst other volunteers who celebrated this American Day as protesters were a short walk away conducting their actions in vain. [READ MORE...]

Lawmaker aims to take immigration issues to voters
Rep. Russell Pearce urged citizens Tuesday to collect signatures for ballot initiatives to give local police more tools to crack down on illegal immigration. [READ MORE...]

Bush Talks, Minutemen Watch Border

AZ Gun Show - Phoenix Fairgrounds
Working at the gun show last weekend was a blast. The show was held at the Phoenix, AZ fairgrounds and encompassed several large buildings and an array of tents. The weather was just right for this time of year for an indoor/outdoor show. [READ MORE...]

Anti-illegal Immigration Group to Launch E.V. Chapter
A drive along Mesa’s Broadway Road was all it took to convince Peter “PJ” O’Malley to join the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps. “(You) see for miles at every corner there are people who are begging for work and causing traffic jams,” said the 64-year-old Mesa resident who joined the group as a volunteer three years ago. [READ MORE...]

Prescott Valley MCDC Meeting
MCDC Volunteers in the Prescott Valley area, there is an upcoming chapter meeting on Thursday, March 8th at 6:00pm. [READ MORE...]

Operation: Stand Your Ground
Announcing our first 30-day, 24/7 operation for 2007 in Arizona. MCDC is requesting your presence during the month of March/April to stand the lines once again for a 30-day operation dubbed 'STAND YOUR GROUND'. [READ MORE...]

Three Points March Muster Announcement
Minutemen, we are pleased to announce the Arizona March Muster. The muster will be held March 16th-18th. The location is Three Points, AZ. We will be running new lines that have an incredible amount of illegal alien activity crossing them on a daily basis. [READ MORE...]

"High Traffic Alert" - Marsh Station
Because our borders continue to be unguarded, American citizens are forced to "Drive at Own Risk" on many interstate highways and area roads. As part of our vigilance efforts, we will be posting some alerts of road sectors where heavy border crossing transport has been observed. [READ MORE...]

Lake Havasu City Council Moves Forward with MOA
Mr.'s Dyda and Taylor, co-directors of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, Lake Havasu City chapter 62, applaud the unanimous Lake Havasu City Council decision to move forward with the proposed Memorandum of Agreement, MoA, between the US Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, ICE, and the city. [READ MORE...]

Gunmen in fatal attack likely rival smugglers
Gunmen who opened fire on a truck carrying illegal immigrants and their smugglers, killing three people and wounding two, were probably rival smugglers, an investigator said Friday. The gunmen chased down the truck Thursday northwest of Tucson and opened fire but were never able to stop it and eventually abandoned the chase, said Pima County sheriff's Lt. Michael O'Connor, commander of the violent crimes unit. [READ MORE...]

Another Crisis at the Naco Station
Apparently the old "I.N.S" acronym was left in place at Naco - It Never Stops. Local 2544 has credible reports that the Naco Station PAIC allowed Mexican Consulate personnel full, unsupervised access to illegal aliens being held at the Naco Border Patrol station. Mexican Consulate personnel were personally escorted into the Naco Border Patrol detention area by the PAIC, and were allowed to interview the witnesses of an officer-involved shooting BEFORE any law enforcement personnel interviewed them. [READ MORE...]

Minuteman group forming chapter in Prescott area
With illegal immigrants passing through the United States-Mexico border on a daily basis, the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps believes it is generating a sensible solution to offset the crisis. Representatives of the corps, a group that calls itself a "citizen's civil defense operation monitoring the U.S. border, businesses and government," visited the Prescott Public Library for three hours Saturday morning to relay their position on the situation at the border to interested residents and register new members. [READ MORE...]

Heavy Traffic Continues
The Three Points, AZ area continues to be the hot spot along the border for illegal crossings. The trend is slowly pushing towards the west deserts of Arizona, but foot prints don't lie. Most of the trails in the Three Points area are being heavily traveled. [READ MORE...]

Immigration deal sparks concern and support
In Lake Havasu City, a member of a prominent building group and a Minutemen leader have discovered they have much common ground on the contentious topic of illegal immigration. Bill Dyda of the Lake Havasu City Minutemen believes some local employers are hiring illegal aliens. [READ MORE...]

Three Points February Muster Announcement
Minutemen, we are please to announce the February Muster. The muster will be on February 16th, 17th, & 18th. The location is Three Points, AZ. We will be running new lines that have an incredible amount of illegal alien activity crossing them on a daily basis. [READ MORE...]

Meeting in Quartzsite on Jan 30th
If you are planning to visit the Vetrans Traveling Memorial Wall Display in Quartzsite; don't forget to attend the MCDC of Arizona meeting on January 30! [READ MORE...]

Guardsmen overrun at the Border
A U.S. Border Patrol entry Identification Team site was overrun Wednesday night along Arizona's border with Mexico. According to the Border Patrol, an unknown number of gunmen attacked the site in the state's West Desert Region around 11 p.m. The site is manned by National Guardsmen. [READ MORE...]

Free The Border Patrol Day
The U.S. Justice Department Has Abandoned America's Border Patrol Agents! Agents Ramos and Compean Report To Prison On The Following Thursday - A 12 Year Sentence For Trying to Arrest an Illegal Alien Drug Smuggler! A 12 Year Prison Sentence for Doing Their Job! [READ MORE...]

2007 AZ Tucson Sector Muster Schedule
We want to announce the entire 2007 border operation schedule for the Arizona Tucson Sector. Cochise County will also announce a complete Muster Schedule coming soon. [READ MORE...]

AZ-SRT Rescues Family With a Young Child
While working in the Altar Valley south of Three Points, Arizona on Sunday December the 10th, the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps Arizona Search and Rescue Team (AZ-SRT) came upon a group of four foreign nationals who admitted to entering the country illegally. [READ MORE...]

Illegal Alien Foot Traffic - See the Pictures!
Illegal Alien traffic is back to normal even with the National Guard working the border south of these spots. [READ MORE...]

Border Patrol makes multiple drug busts
Border Patrol agents are reporting significant drug busts over the past two days. More than 6 tons of pot, and a haul of cocaine. But one of the big marijuana busts, more than 5,000 pounds of it worth more than $4 million dollars crammed inside a couple of SUVs, pulled over by agents Wednesday night. Vehicles that led the Border Patrol to a single house in Nogales. [READ MORE...]

The Bill of Rights Day Luncheon
The Bill of Rights Day Luncheon will be held on Friday December 15 from noon till 1:30 in Phoenix. RSVP Today! [READ MORE...]

Freedom Summit to Feature Border Security Debate
Freedom Summit 2006 will host a special Pre-Summit Debate. Al Garza will participate as representative of Minuteman Civil Defense Corps! [READ MORE...]

In Closing; A letter from Stacey O'Connell
With a chill in the air and rain clouds hovering overhead, Operation Block Watch came to a close Sunday October 29th at 9AM. Yes, another 30 Mission behind us, in fact our 4th operation of that type. There were 40 Minutemen on hand at the final briefing of the operations. Also in attendance were 2 US National Guard Soldiers (Lt and E-7) representing the North Carolina Guard Unit working just South of our locations, at the invitation of myself. [READ MORE...]

Muster Results for Border Watch 2006
A total of 286 volunteers from 27 states came to the Arizona border for Operation Block Watch 2006! For this October muster, we had a total of 524 sightings with 171 confirmed apprehensions! [READ MORE...]

Operation Block Watch Update, Week 3
Just finishing up another great weekend at Operation Block Watch in Pima County Arizona! This weekend, we hosted Boy Scout Troop #141 out of Tucson for a clean up of the North end of Kings Ranch. For those that are familiar, we all know that Coleman Rd ends in a Cul-de-Sac which backs up to the King Ranch. Illegal Aliens use this location as a massive load area where they discard their clothing, backpacks, hygiene gear to load into cars headed for interior portions of the USA. [READ MORE...]

U.S. Night Vision will be at the Arizona Border
MCDC is pleased to announce that Steve Gibbons from U.S. Night Vision will be available to MCDC volunteers beginning on the morning of October 19th through the morning of the 23rd for demo and instruction on Night Vision equipment, thermal imaging equipment and related surveillance products. [READ MORE...]

Update from Tucson Chapter Leader
We have had over 185 volunteers standing post on our lines and we are making a difference. A special thank you to all of the great Americans who have come down and stood post with us. This past week was a active week, with many things that highlight what we are doing to help secure our borders. [READ MORE...]

Ride to Secure the Mexican Border
American Freedom Riders presents the "BROTHERHOOD OF THE BORDER" Sunday October 22, 2006 - Ride to Secure the Mexican Border [READ MORE...]

AZ Operation Block Watch Kick-Off Update
WOW! What an incredible weekend Kick-Off to Operation Block Watch! Its always amazing to me to see our Minutemen Volunteers and our supporters come out and show true patriotism and passion for our Cause. [READ MORE...]

MCDC Arizona Kick Off Rally
09-30-06 Please join with us for our opening ceremonies of the 30 day October Muster: Operation Blockwatch. Come listen to Minutemen, elected officials and political hopefuls give their accounts on national security and illegal immigration! [READ MORE...]

Arizona Border Operations October 2006
Arizona Border Operations will begin Saturday, September 30, through Sunday October 29, in Three Points, Arizona. [READ MORE...]

Operation Block Watch
To all that shall see this, greetings. MCDC is requesting your presence during the month of October to stand the lines once again for a 30-day operation. [READ MORE...]

Border Operations Report
08-13-06 Today, we completed our last weekend border watch operations in Arizona for the summer. I am happy to announce the presence of 75 Minutemen that stood the lines and showed their vigilance, spotting and reporting. [READ MORE...]

Arizona Search and Rescue Weekend: August 11-13
This weekend, we will conduct border watch and search and rescue efforts in Altar Valley, Pima County, Arizona. [READ MORE...]

Mesa Day Labor Protests Through September
**See Pictures in the Photo Gallery**  Now is the time we call for all to join together in Mesa and help the local government do the right thing; Clean Up Their Act! [READ MORE...]

Rally to Secure Our Country's Borders
Mon, Aug. 14 there will be a rally for all those who have helped in the battle to secure our country's borders. [READ MORE...]

Hearings to be Held in Arizona
Minutemen supporters and volunteers: please be sure to attend these Congressional hearings in your area and interact with the Members of Congress and their staffs. This is not a request to protest, but to attend the hearings, and talk with Congressmen to help inform them and make your voice heard. [READ MORE...]

MCDC is requesting your presence to stand guard in the Altar Valley, Pima County Arizona. [READ MORE...]

Search & Rescue Report
As most of you are aware, this weekend MCDC AZ held Search & Rescue Team training in Three Points. I'm happy to announce that we now have 3 SR Teams, each with a compliment of 5 Minutemen volunteers. [READ MORE...]

Arizona Chapter Update
July 17, 2006 I wanted to take a few moments and update the members of the Arizona Chapter with what's been going on in our State. Many of you reading this tonight are new Minutemen and we've not yet had the chance to have you at a border watch event. We are looking forward to meeting you and I thank you for becoming an MCDC Minuteman. [READ MORE...]

Patriots Weekend Muster Report
July 3, 2006 Thank you to all of the Minutemen that attended this weekends Patriots Operation in Three Points Arizona. [READ MORE...]

Can not find the item... [READ MORE...]

Simcox to Speak in Prescott, AZ
06-12-2006 This event is hosted by the Yavapai Republican Men's Forum. [READ MORE...]

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