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For meetings and other news click here and visit the Colorado MCDC website

Call for assistance: E-verify Bill Introduced (1-27-09)
Passage of E-verify this time around in Colorado is absolutely necessary if we are to insure employers hire legal applicants for every job. I trust you will read the following request for help from Dave and do what you can, it will benefit us all. [READ MORE...]

Proposed Colorado Unlicensed Driver Law (1-26-09)

State Senator David Schultheis (Colorado Springs) and Representative Kent Lambert (Colorado Springs) are cosponsoring a bill that calls for the 30 day impoundment or immobilization of vehicles operated without a valid driver's license or minor driver's license.


Governor Ritters Working Group on Law Enforcement and Illegal Immigration (01/16/09)
Governor Ritters Working Group on Law Enforcement and Illegal Immigration [READ MORE...]

Illegal Immigration Costs Colorado Nearly $1.1 Billion Annually (12/12/08)

From the desk of FAIR's Jack Martin, "Illegal Immigration Costs Colorado Nearly $1.1 Billion Annually Finds Newly Released Study from FAIR."


Aurora’s Proposed Auto Impound Amendment For Unlicensed/Uninsured Drivers (10/18/08)
With the passage of Prop 100 in Denver requiring impoundment of motor vehicles of unlicensed/uninsured drivers, Dave has moved on to Aurora. [READ MORE...]

Tancredo to Hold Presser on Denver Sanctuary Policies (10/17/08)
Congressman Tom Tancredo takes Denvers Sanctuary City Policies to Governor Bill Ritter. [READ MORE...]

Denver DNC Schedule of Speakers Announced
DNC in Denver announces Libertarian, Constitution and Independent Presidential Candidates to Speak at Congress Park Rally August 25th [READ MORE...]

8/9 DNC Update
8/9 DNC Update [READ MORE...]

Denver council opposes impoundment ballot measure
In typical sanctuary city fashion the Denver City Council opposes the I-100 ballot initiative. [READ MORE...]

DNC Speakers Confirmed
August 25th DNC Info Day in Congress Park speakers confirmed! [READ MORE...]

Mexican asylum applicants: Sign of a failed state?
. [READ MORE...]

Aurora Day Labor Site Protest
Colorado Chapter of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corp protest the city councils consideration of a Non-Profit site catering to Illegal Aliens. [READ MORE...]

E-Verify System from an employer
I received the following from the Arizona State Director for the MCDC and thought it should be shared. [READ MORE...]

DNC Information Day and Rally in Denver
On the first day of the Democratic National Convention the Colorado Minuteman Civil Defense Corps will be holding an all day MCDC/RightMarch.com information day and rally. [READ MORE...]

Sound Familiar? Our brothers and sisters in the U.K. face mandated globalization!
Globalization being force fed to world. Our British friends are feeling the pain. [READ MORE...]

Colorado continues sanctuary policies
Colorado continues sanctuary policies by killing bills [READ MORE...]

Businesses hit with immigration complaints
Six complaints have been lodged against Lake Havasu City businesses under the state’s harsh new employer sanctions law, which aims to curb illegal immigration by penalizing employers for hiring undocumented workers. Eight complaints have been filed in Mohave County as a whole. [READ MORE...]

Denver Ballot Proposal A Success
Ballot Petition Drive A Success [READ MORE...]

New Grand Valley Chapter Start
New Grand Valley Chapter Start [READ MORE...]

Sanctuary City March
Sanctuary City march on Denver city hall to protest their policy for handling illegal aliens [READ MORE...]

Salazar Protest
Colorado Chapter of Minuteman Civil Defense Corps protest at Senator Salazar's constituents meeting. [READ MORE...]

January 19th Meeting Agenda
Our January meeting is scheduled to be held in the Northglenn Recreation Center,11801 Community Center Dr, in the first floor meeting room. [READ MORE...]

December 15, 2007 Membership Meeting
The next meeting, and our last for 2007, will be held at the Northglenn Recreation Center, 11801 Community Center Dr, in the first floor meeting room. If you encounter difficulty finding the room you can ask the main receptionist. [READ MORE...]

November 17, 2007 Membership Meeting

The next meeting will be held at the Northglenn Recreation Center, first floor meeting room. If you encounter difficulty finding the room you can ask the main receiptionist.


New Chapter Forming - Leaders Needed Now!

Patriots Interested In MCDC Leadership Roles In New Chapters Needed


Monte Vista Immigration Raid Targets Farm Workers
The general manager and two other employees of a southern Colorado potato farm have been arrested on charges of running a scheme to provide fake identification documents to illegal immigrants who worked on the farm. [READ MORE...]

Immigrants Stage Week-Long Boycott in Colorado
Immigrant rights activists in Colorado have launched a week-long economic boycott, saying they want to show how big an impact immigrants have on the economy. [READ MORE...]

Colorado Immigration Reform Speech
By member request, here is the full text of the speech delivered on the Colorado State Capitol steps on February 3rd: [READ MORE...]

Minutemen Converge on Summit County, Colorado
This past weekend, Minuteman Civil Defense Corps volunteers contacted over 100 service industry employers to discuss the SAVE Basic Pilot. Ironically, on the same day that Minuteman volunteers fanned out across Summit County, local headlines asked "How do you know a worker is legal?" [READ MORE...]

Colorado Anti-Amnesty Rally At The Capitol
Several groups opposed to amnesty for illegal aliens are holding a joint rally in Denver, on the west Capitol steps, Saturday February 3rd at 11:00 am. [READ MORE...]

Denver Chapter Meeting Announcement
The November meeting of the Denver chapter will be held on Saturday, November 11th. Registered MCDC members in Colorado have been notified of the details by email. [READ MORE...]

Colorado's Schedule of Events for October 2006
Contact the appropriate chapter leadership for details about how to participate in these operations, or for information about upcoming local chapter meetings. [READ MORE...]

Organizers of the new Denver chapter of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps have moved this Saturday's organizational meeting to the City of Greenwood Village Community Room. [READ MORE...]

August 2006 Illegal Alien Supporters Throw the First Punch
08-16-06 Just 3 days before the first Minuteman public forum, the venue fell victim to a vicious, well organized smear campaign. The ironically-named Victory America Grill received a flood of calls accusing them of supporting a racist hate group and threatening boycotts. Victory America''''s management caved in to the pressure. [READ MORE...]

Announcing Two Colorado Chapter Meetings
August 19, 2006 in Denver and August 26, 2006 in Colorado Springs.  Citizens from across Colorado are invited to participate. We will discuss plans to expand Minuteman activities in Colorado. [READ MORE...]

Hearing to be Held in Colorado
Minutemen supporters and volunteers: please be sure to attend this Congressional hearing in your area and interact with the Members of Congress and their staffs. This is not a request to protest, but to attend the hearings, and talk with Congressmen to help inform them and make your voice heard. [READ MORE...]

Leadership Training Meeting Announcement
If you would like to have a leadership role and can donate 10 hours a week to the cause, please make reservations to attend. [READ MORE...]

Now Forming Chapters in Colorado
Your Help is needed! Please respond NOW if you would like to be a part of directing the future on our Great Country! [READ MORE...]

 Minuteman Civil Defense Corps Project and MinutemanHQ.com are projects of Declaration Alliance (DA) -- a public policy and issues advocacy organization
that aggressively addresses the intensifying assaults that the American Republic continues to endure – at home, and abroad.
Declaration Alliance is a 501(c)(4) not-for-profit, tax exempt organization.

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