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unlawful and unauthorized entry of all individuals, contraband, and foreign military.
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Tea Party Rally in Topeka
Tea Party Rally in Topeka [READ MORE...]

Topeka Restaurant Owner indicted for traffiking
Topeka Restaurant Owner tries to get interview thrown out [READ MORE...]

25 Arrested in Drug Sting Operation
Twenty-five arrested in drug sting [READ MORE...]

Asian gangs in Wichita
Asian gang violence in Wichita. [READ MORE...]

Support Our Border Agents
Please Support Our Border Agents [READ MORE...]

Minutemen in Sedalia, Missouri
Minutemen to have display booth in Sedalia, Missouri [READ MORE...]

Topeka Chapter MCDC
Topeka Chapter MCDC news [READ MORE...]

Minuteman Sign Thief Caught
Minuteman Sign Thief caught in Kansas City [READ MORE...]

Minuteman Civil Defense Corps meeting October 8th, 2008
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps meeting open to the public, bring a friend, a relative, a neighbor or anyone who needs to be educated on the subject of illegal aliens in America [READ MORE...]

MCDC Meeting
MCDC meeting open to the public [READ MORE...]

Meeting in Springfield
MCDC Meeting in Springfield [READ MORE...]

Rally for the Republic
MCDC at Lawson Rally [READ MORE...]

Addresses for Ramos and Compean
Letters of support for Ramos and Compean [READ MORE...]

MCDC at Governor's Bill signing
MCDC invited to Governor's Bill signing [READ MORE...]

Senate Bill 458
Kansas Senate Bill 458 [READ MORE...]

MCDC Intelligence Report
MCDC Intelligence Report [READ MORE...]

MCDC Meeting and Flag Day Rally
MCDC Meeting and Flag Day Rally [READ MORE...]

MCDC and the American Legion
MCDC and the American Legion [READ MORE...]

Minuteman Meeting in Topeka
Minuteman Meeting in Topeka Open to the Public [READ MORE...]

In memory of Mr. Robert Baker of Kansas
In memory of Mr. Robert Baker of Kansas [READ MORE...]

KS and MO MCDC on Arizona Border Watch
Kansas and Missouri MCDC on Arizona Border Watch [READ MORE...]

Kansas MCDC member dies on border
Kansas Minuteman Robert Baker dies while guarding the border [READ MORE...]

Toned-down immigration bill advances in Kansas Legislature
The Kansas Senate listened to the business community Wednesday, rejecting calls to hold businesses more accountable for illegal immigration. [READ MORE...]

Illegal Immigration Road Blocks
Lack of Progress toward reform is frustrating especially for businesses that follow the rules [READ MORE...]

Legislators tackle immigration
When illegal-immigration reform comes up on the House and Senate floor this week, the debate could get emotional. [READ MORE...]

Immigration a quagmire for Kansas, Missouri
To Dick Fatherley, immigration reform is, if not easy, at least logical. [READ MORE...]

House and Senate to debate immigration bills next week
When the House and Senate debate illegal immigration next week, they will be tackling the topic from two points of view. [READ MORE...]

Hearing on SB 458 in Topeka
Minutemen attend hearing at Statehouse [READ MORE...]

Senate panel passes immigration bill after major surgery
A Senate committee rewrote immigration legislation Wednesday so that it met the approval of the business community but upset backers of the original, tougher proposal. [READ MORE...]

Kansas legislators reconsider immigrant regulations
Lawmakers debating immigration reform are rethinking proposals to go after businesses aggressively with new regulations and tougher penalties. [READ MORE...]

Crime Victims of Illegal Aliens
Forty-eight thousand victims of illegal aliens since 9-11 [READ MORE...]

Minuteman Civil Defense Corp Meeting in Topeka
Meeting Open to the Public [READ MORE...]

Hearings begin on immigration bill
Emotional debate begins with cries for reform [READ MORE...]

Objections to immigration bills growing
Opposition to a proposed Kansas law targeting illegal immigrants is moving beyond Hispanic groups to include statewide business associations. [READ MORE...]

News Release on Minuteman Meeting
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps Open to the Public Meeting [READ MORE...]

Campaign against Lou Dobbs
National Council of La Raza President Janet Murguia promises to hold Lou Dobbs accountable for supporting the Minutemen! [READ MORE...]

Minuteman gathering hails Semler as a hero
Frances Semler received a hero’s welcome Friday night at the anti-illegal-immigration Minuteman Civil Defense Corps’ first regional conference. [READ MORE...]

Have you heard, the stimulus bill just passed in the House gives rebates to illegals [READ MORE...]

Just one second
Just one second, says Minuteman director There’s more to the Minuteman group than some would have you believe, says Ed Hayes, the organization’s Kansas and Missouri state director. [READ MORE...]

Kansas urged to rethink immigration proposals
Electronic verification system called ‘not ready for prime time’ [READ MORE...]

Heart of America Chapter meeting November 15th
A Heart of America MCDC Chapter meeting will be held on November 15th, 2007 beginning at 7 PM. This meeting is open to the public. [READ MORE...]

Kansas City Regional Leadership Retreat Details
The agenda is set.  The halls are rented.  MCDC National is ready for the first of its Regional Leadership Retreats to be held in Kansas City, MO!  Are you ready?  [READ MORE...]

HOA Meeting Time & Location Change
There will be an HOA, MCDC meeting on Tuesday July 31st starting at 7 PM sharp. This will be an informational meeting as well as a new members recruitment meeting. [READ MORE...]

March for America in Topeka Kansas
Big Rally In Topeka Kansas June 16th at 10:00 AM to coincide with the DC National Rally, March for America. [READ MORE...]

MCDC of Kansas to Rally with Truckers
Join the Minutemen Civil Defense Corps in Topeka, Kansas on Monday the 23 of April with the Independent Truckers peaceful rally. We will be there starting at 10 AM. [READ MORE...]

HOA to host Colonel Rodriguez
Colonel Rodriguez, a Retired Gunship Pilot, is in Kansas City to start another chapter of Hispanic Americans working to secure America's borders from incursians by illegal aliens and "La Raza" riff-raff, rabble-rousers and revolutionaries. [READ MORE...]

HOA Meeting in Mission Kansas
In the Heartland of America, the Heart of America (HOA) Chapter of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps has scheduled a meeting to be held on Thursday, April 5th at 7 PM. [READ MORE...]

Employers hiring people in our country who are illegal aliens
I am writing this in the hopes that someone will see the need to do a story drawing attention to illegals taking jobs from Americans. [READ MORE...]

A Hispanic organization is coordinating a community forum with a group that promotes reporting illegal immigrants to federal authorities. The People's Alliance for Latino Advancement and the Kansas Minuteman Civil Defense Corps will explain their missions, discuss problems and identify possible solutions to end illegal immigration. [READ MORE...]

The Ignorance on Illegal Immigration
Meeting: A public forum with representatives of the Coalition of the Kansas Minuteman Civil Defense Corps and the People’s Alliance for Latino Advancement will take place on March 8, 2007 beginning at 7:00 PM [READ MORE...]

Heart of America Chapter to meet February 22
The Heart of America Chapter of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps will hold a public meeting at the Northeast Johnson County Kansas Courthouse (meeting Room B) on Thursday, February 22, 2007 starting at 6:30 PM. [READ MORE...]

Coalition forms to fight anti-immigrant groups
Groups in Kansas and Missouri have formed a coalition to combat what they call the bigotry of anti-immigrant groups. The Missouri-Kansas Coalition Against Racism, Anti-Semitism and Bigotry was announced Tuesday by its organizers. It includes civil rights advocates, union members, immigration lawyers and religious leaders. [READ MORE...]

Now Forming an Emporia, Kansas Chapter!
Announcing: a new Chapter is being formed in Emporia, Kansas! The Chapter leader is Mr. Lex Price, an Emporia, Kansas resident and an American Patriot. [READ MORE...]

Emporia Meeting Details to be Announced
A meeting to take place in Emporia, Kansas is in the planning stages and will be held sometime in the next few weeks. Time, location and date to be determined and announced soon. Keep checking for updates if you or anyone you know may be interested in joining the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps and help stop this invasion! [READ MORE...]

Heart of America Chapter Meeting Announcement
A Heart of America Chapter Meeting is scheduled for January 30 in Kansas City, Missouri. [READ MORE...]

Tuberculosis Scandal at Tyson
If there were ever a boycott looking for a place to happin here it is and I think you will agree when you see what happens when folks come in to our country without the normal health exams etc. People who have not passed standard health examinations are preparing the foods that will end up on your table! It's not the first case. And this is just part of the story in the game of corporate "musical chairs" with illegal immigrants and otherwise that is going on behind the scenes. [READ MORE...]

Minutemen driven by law, not racism leader says
Before Ed Hayes explains what the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps is, he wants everyone to know what it's not. "The Minuteman is not about race, but a nation of laws," he said. "It's about enforcing laws, which our country is not doing." [READ MORE...]

Kansas MCDC to Hold Meeting in Hutchinson
Announcing a Hutchinson Kansas meeting of the Kansas Minuteman Civil Defense Corp on Saturday December 9th at 11 am. [READ MORE...]

We Must Find a Cure
We have about 21 million illegal immigrants sucking up $400 billion tax dollars that could be used for our poor and sick citizens. We have these 21 million who are here illegally wanting to bring in their relatives (about 30-45 million more) to crush the U.S. economy and social services. [READ MORE...]

Minutemen group, public sound off on border control
Ed Hayes came to Hutchinson recently, hoping to be heard. As president of the Minutemen Civil Defense Corps' Heart of America chapter, Hayes traveled from Johnson County to present his group's side of the illegal immigration issue during the Project Aware meeting Oct. 28 at Hutchinson Community College. [READ MORE...]

A Wichita Kansas meeting of the Kansas MCDC
A Kansas Minuteman CDC meeting will be held on October 21, 2006. The meeting purpose is to educate the public and welcome anyone who wishes to join the Minuteman CDC in our efforts regarding Illegal Immigration and the security of America. [READ MORE...]

Calling for Volunteers in Kansas
We need your support making our voices heard by our National and State Political Leaders. [READ MORE...]

Minuteman Groups Growing In Heartland
A retired police captain from the sprawling Kansas City suburbs is starting a local chapter of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, one of dozens of branches surfacing in the Heartland as the group expands its reach beyond the U.S.-Mexico border. [READ MORE...]

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