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Please join us on the first Saturday of every month at the Washington County Library for the monthly meeting of the Southern Utah chapter of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps.  Meeting time is at 3:00 pm downstairs next to the computer room.

The Washington County Library is located at:
88 West 100 South in St. George.

Agencies make gang-related arrests

ST. GEORGE - Five juveniles and five adults rounded up Wednesday by local, state and federal law agencies will be processed for deportation.

The 10 individuals were reported to be gang members or gang affiliated.


Pioneer Days Parade - Volunteers Needed
I am looking for volunteers to participate in the July 24th Pioneer Days Parade. [READ MORE...]

4th of July at Vernon Worthen Park in St. George
Come and join us this 4th of July at Vernon Worthen Park in St. George [READ MORE...]

Authorities break up crime ring
ST. GEORGE - The arrests made Saturday in connection with a prostitution ring concluded several months of investigation by officers with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforce-ment, the St. George Police Department and other federal and local authorities. [READ MORE...]

Governor signs controversial immigration measure
Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. signed a comprehensive anti-illegal immigration bill into law on Thursday. [READ MORE...]

Race hinges on immigration
Rep. Chris Cannon's Republican challengers are once again attacking his position on illegal immigration. [READ MORE...]

Sweeping anti-illegal immigration bill goes to governor
Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. is expected to sign a comprehensive immigration bill if no more major changes are made to it. [READ MORE...]

Gov is leery, but Senate expected to pass anti-illegal immigration bill today
The Senate is expected to pass a comprehensive anti-illegal immigration bill today, despite Gov. Jon M. Huntsman Jr.'s misgivings about the measure. [READ MORE...]

Senators Doubt Immigration Action
Immigration was the main issue that lawmakers wanted answers about from Utah's U.S. senators on Tuesday. [READ MORE...]

Anti-illegal immigration bill getting kinder, gentler overhaul
Senators are reworking parts of a comprehensive immigration package to make the measure more palatable to the business community and religious leaders, its sponsor said Tuesday. [READ MORE...]

Consular visits offer advice, ID card help
More than 150 Latino residents in Salt Lake City and about half that many in St. George gathered Saturday to receive help and advice with identification cards, passport problems and other needs. [READ MORE...]

LDS Church asks lawmakers to weigh morality, ethics in immigration reforms
A prominent leader from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has implored Utah's overwhelmingly Mormon Legislature to "slow down, step back and carefully study and assess the implications and human costs involved" in a slew of immigration bills they are considering on Capitol Hill. [READ MORE...]

Business leaders Oppose Immigration Laws
Coalition urges lawmakers to step back before enacting laws [READ MORE...]

Security tight at Capitol hearing
More than 150 people Friday showed up at the first public hearing on the only bill in the Utah Legislature that attempts to take a comprehensive approach toward curbing illegal immigration. [READ MORE...]

Measure targets employers who hire illegals
A new measure in the works could leave employers who hire undocumented workers subject to litigation. Sen. Scott McCoy, D-Salt Lake, has opened a bill file titled "Unfair Trade Practice — Hiring Illegal Immigrants." The bill would make it unfair competition to hire undocumented workers, McCoy said. [READ MORE...]

Rally for Rule of Law
Bartt Klinger of Ogden stands in the state Capitol during a Utah Minuteman Rally for the Rule of Law. [READ MORE...]

Immigration: Old bills return to the Hill
The more than a dozen bills include tuition and driver privileges repeals. [READ MORE...]

MS-13 hits Vietnam vets' memorial again
Authorities in New Haven, Conn., have launched an investigation into the establishment of the radically violent MS-13 street gang in their city after a second case of apparently gang-related vandalism within a week. [READ MORE...]

Matheson: Southwest Utah needs more Immigration agents to handle growing undocumented influx
CEDAR CITY - Rep. Jim Matheson has sent a letter to the secretary of Homeland Security asking that the Immigration and Customs enforcement staff that handles southwestern Utah be increased. [READ MORE...]

Rally Against Matricula Cards August 11th
We have learned a number of things about demonstrations, since we have participated a number of times this past year. I thought I would share a number of pointers that will make our gathering next Saturday August 11th at the Wells Fargo Bank, at 9:00 AM an exciting successful experience. [READ MORE...]

Protesting Illegal Immigration
A coalition of groups, including the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps of Utah, pressured Sen. Bob Bennett Wednesday to vote against the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act. [READ MORE...]

A joint letter to Senator Bennett
On behalf of the Utah Republican Assembly, the Citizens Council on Illegal Immigration, the Southern Utah chapter of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, and the Dixie Republican Forum, we call on you to immediately announce your opposition to S. 1348, the Kennedy/Bush amnesty bill. [READ MORE...]

Utah's Back Roads Often Risky Routes for Human Trafficking
Immigrant smugglers are increasingly using Utah's winding back roads rather than more heavily patrolled routes. [READ MORE...]

Utah needs illegal alien study
The debate rages on after the first ever state-funded study on the economic impact of undocumented immigrants was revealed in Dec. 2006. The financial analysis was done in Texas and specifically evaluated the influence of an estimated 1.6 million illegal aliens - about 6 percent of that state's population. Now Utah is in a position to do a study of its own - and it should. [READ MORE...]

Utah House passes immigration enforcement bill
The Utah House approved a bill today to allow local law enforcement officers to also perform as immigration agents under certain circumstances. Lawmakers approved the measure in a 43-30 vote after a 20-minute debate on the House floor. HB105 now heads to the Senate. [READ MORE...]

Bill would allow state officials to enforce federal immigration
A House bill proposes that the UHP, who reports to DPS, gets an MOU with the DHS so it can function like ICE who was once the INS. In other words, Utah law enforcement may soon be combining forces with the Department of Homeland Security to step up immigration enforcement. [READ MORE...]

Utah County lawmakers discuss host of issues with local leaders
Utah County legislators met Saturday with local leaders to discuss issues such as illegal immigration, gambling and pornography — and what they're doing during the current session to address them. [READ MORE...]

Alan Keyes to discuss immigration issues in Utah
Voter education rally June 21 - Former Reagan administration diplomat Alan Keyes is slated to speak in Utah June 21 at the Provo City Library's ballroom on the topic "Solutions to America's border crisis." [READ MORE...]

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