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unlawful and unauthorized entry of all individuals, contraband, and foreign military.
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Minuteman Civil Defense Corps Volunteers headed to Street Vibrations in Reno, Nevada!
From September 24th through the 28th, MCDC Volunteers will be manning the booth, showing pictures, educating the public and recruiting new Volunteers. [READ MORE...]

Sanctuary City Protest Rally at City Hall in San Francisco
The Rally is to call attention to all City Government officials who blatantly continue to disobey Federal law which requires that Federal authorities be alerted to Criminal Illegal Aliens who have been arrested or are suspected of committing violent and nonviolent crimes against San Francisco residents. We will also focus on the victims and family members of victims of such crimes. [READ MORE...]

ACLU suit targets Sonoma County Sheriff''s Department
A lawsuit filed Friday in federal court accuses the Sonoma County Sheriff's Department of unlawful detentions and racial profiling of Latinos suspected of being undocumented immigrants. [READ MORE...]

Operation Secure America Now
On July 3rd - 6th, 2008, MCDC is Participating in a special event: [READ MORE...]

Man admits to running immigration racket
SOUTH COUNTY COURTS: A Chula Vista man admitted yesterday to running an immigration racket in which he collected more than $40,000 from legal residents with a promise to quickly process their citizenship papers. [READ MORE...]

Immigration March Planned for May 1st
Valley activists unveiled their plans for next month's immigration rights march through Downtown Fresno. [READ MORE...]

CA Muster Report: 54 observed by Minutemen and 44 Apprehended by Border Patrol
54 Illegal Invaders Observed BY Minutemen and 44 Of Them Apprehended by Border Patrol This Weekend (Thermal Video Links Below) [READ MORE...]

54 Illegal Invaders Observed BY Minutemen and 44 Of Them Apprehended by Border Patrol This Weekend (Thermal Video Links Below)
Another busy weekend on the NAFTA Super(human) Highway, otherwise known as Camp Vigilance. In fact, it has been so busy we have rarely needed to leave Camp.

On Saturday morning at about 3:30 am (right on schedule), our “Eye In The Sky” Team (EIS), situated on the far Northeast corner of the 245 acre parcel that makes up Camp Vigilance and OutdoorWorld, observed a group of 22 people marching down Twin Road (La Paloma) heading for our property. [READ MORE...]

Villaraigosa on immigration
The mayor is right to ask DHS to focus on crime-fighting instead of workplace raids. [READ MORE...]

San Francisco Welcomes Illegal Immigrants With New Ad Campaign
The city of San Francisco has begun an advertising campaign targeting illegal immigrants, welcoming them to the city the bay, as the country remains divided in fierce debate over the issue. [READ MORE...]

Top 10 Excuses Why a Minuteman Cannot Attend A Border Watch in April.

Residents say economy is bad, getting worse
It passes education, immigration as state's top concern, poll finds [READ MORE...]

California GOP unveil immigration plan
Republican lawmakers in California have released a legislative package intended to crack down on illegal immigration and punish companies that hire illegal workers. [READ MORE...]

Constitution is for citizens
A recent letter writer says Santa Maria “has not been known for extreme groups causing trouble.” How many times have we seen pro-amnesty groups marching in this town? [READ MORE...]

Illegal Aliens Bring TB to Bay Area
Want sickness, both physically and emotionally, defend the use of illegal aliens for exploitive purposes. [READ MORE...]

Illegal aliens are the problem
The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps is here. The Minuteman are your neighbors, your teachers, your doctors, your lawyers, your bankers, your business owners, you brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, and they are your grandparents. [READ MORE...]

Minutemen Civil Defense Corps starting a chapter on the Central Coast
The Minutemen Civil Defense Corps says it is starting a chapter on the Central Coast, but not everyone is pleased. [READ MORE...]

Foreclosures Killing Jobs for Illegal Aliens
In a strange twist, the North County Times is reporting the hardships of illegal aliens due to lack of jobs. [READ MORE...]

Mexicos president to visit California
Mexican President Felipe Calderón will make his first - and some have argued overdue - official visit to California on Wednesday as part of a tour of major U.S. cities in an effort to reach out to the 12 million Mexican immigrants in this country. [READ MORE...]

Immigration’s big Impact on California
Here are the sad numbers on the illegal aliens in California. Note this report is a lie. [READ MORE...]

New group makes noise on immigration law enforcement
A group of Santa Maria residents is calling on the city and its police department to enforce federal immigration laws, but local officials aren't enthusiastic about the idea. [READ MORE...]

Sac Bee Prints Silly Story about Supporters of Illegal Aliens
This is why the Sac Bee is losing readers. [READ MORE...]

Al Garza Interviewed on ProAmerica Radio with Carl Braun
Al Garza, National Executive Director of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps joined Carl Braun, CA State Leader and host of ProAmericaRadio. The interview was live on the program Monday the 10th and re-runs twice daily throughout this week. You can listen in by going to: http://www.wsradio.com/internet-talk-radio.cfm/shows/Pro-America-Radio.html ProAmerica Radio airs weekly on WSRadio.com, the worlds largest Internet based radio station with studios in San Diego. [READ MORE...]

Happy Thanksgiving--Upcoming Muster

Dear Fellow Patriot,

It’s hard to believe the holidays are upon us already. Seems like yesterday we were wondering what 2007 would bring. Wow, It’s been a doozy of a year. As we take time to spend with our families over the next few days please say a prayer on Thanksgiving for our young (and not so young) men and women serving our country.

October Muster Concludes on a High Note

October Muster Concludes on A High Note

Dear Fellow Patriots,

Well, we are nothing if not a hardy bunch.  Last year we had the “Burning Man’ to deal with in October with the incessant pounding of near 24 hour techno music. This year it was a burning skyline. Fortunately for us, that skyline was a good 15-55 miles to the west of Camp though there were harrowing moments to be sure. Minutemen in three counties scrambled to evacuate their homes and protect their families while those at Camp Vigilance had to batten down the hatches and ride out the 80 MPH winds, dust and sand storms, loss of electric power and downed antenna’s. While it was a challenge for them, it was far better than those fighting fires to the west. I am not aware of any Minuteman that lost their home or business but if you are please send us an email to
mcdc-ca@minutemanhq.com . [READ MORE...]

Kick-Off Meeting for the Sonoma County (SOCO) Chapter
Bill Gifford and Steve Giraud of the NORCAL Minutemen are holding a kick-off meeting for the SOCO Chapter. All prospective Minutemen and local members are invited to attend Flamingo Resort Hotel 2777 4th Street Santa Rosa, CA 95405 (707) 545-8530 Sunday 11/18/07 from 1:30-4:30 p.m. Steve will present a powerpoint presentation and answer any questions on the Chapter leadership and direction and our mission to secure America's borders. I will give a Powerpoint presentation and discuss our goals. [READ MORE...]

Where DO I Go and What DO I Bring?
If you are planning on attending the Fall Musters in CA here is a list of items to bring, directions and contact info for lodging.

"Camp Vigilance" is our field HQ (www.campvigilance.com) . If you have been to Outdoor World in the past simply go to the main office but instead of turning into Outdoor World itself, continue 1/2 mile down Shasta Way. Take the first driveway to the left and follow it back to Camp Vigilance. Check in at the Comm Center. Registration beins daily at 7:00am and 6pm (until daylight saving time ends) Training on Friday and Saturday nights at 7:45. The phone number for camp during active musters is 619-766-9094


September Muster Lessons Learned- Operation Secure America on Deck
September turned into another great muster with 50 plus attendees. We had quite a few newcomers and saw some old faces as well. Many thanks to all who participated. We ran operations all weekend round the clock. It turned out to be Mexican Independence Day and I suspect that kept a few of them home. We covered the BP shift changes and it turned out we were very successful at keeping the illegal traffic in their own country for that time. In a meeting with BP on Sunday we were told that they were crossing in most of the areas we covered this weekend AFTER we left. They saw no Minutemen and no Border Patrol and crossed, only to find BP waiting for them out of site. Several groups and one drug run were caught early Sunday morning in Jewel Valley and Twin Towers areas. We will be adjusting our border ops again in October to keep the illegal invaders and drug smugglers guessing. [READ MORE...]

August Muster | Visalia Speech | New Roof |
August is upon us and we're looking forward to our next muster to be held at Camp Vigilance from the 17-19th. The September Muster will be held the 14-16th and of course our month long will begin September 28th and run 24/7 thru October 28th.

Please send your camping reservations to reservations@campvigilance.com . RV Spots are going fast so don’t delay. In particular we really need folks for the weekday posts in October. If you can spend a few weekdays or a week or even the entire month please let us know as soon as possible. Also, we need RADIO OPERATORS.


August Muster | Visalia Speech | New Roof |
August is upon us and we're looking forward to our next muster to be held at Camp Vigilance from the 17-19th. The September Muster will be held the 14-16th and of course our month long will begin September 28th and run 24/7 thru October 28th. Please send your camping reservations to reservations@campvigilance.com . RV Spots are going fast so don’t delay. In particular we really need folks for the weekday posts in October. If you can spend a few weekdays or a week or even the entire month please let us know as soon as possible. Also, we need RADIO OPERATORS. [READ MORE...]

Where Do I Go and What DO I Bring?
If you are planning on attending the Summer and Early Fall Musters in CA here is a list of items to bring, directions and contact info for lodging. [READ MORE...]

July Muster, Gun Show, Freedom Concert and Future Events
The dawg days of summer are upon us. We hope yours is going well. Clearly our 20th consecutive Muster was a good one. We had 40 people participate and sightings throughout the weekend with a group of 15 getting apprehended by BP first thing Saturday morning near Center Field. Total sightings were 35 for the weekend. As I look at the reports for the last year or so we have sighted and reported well over 1,000 illegal invaders meaning that we have stopped hundreds of criminals from laying waste to our communities. Nice work everyone. [READ MORE...]

First Aid Certification June 23rd . Register Now
FIRST AID TRAINING The Red Cross will be offering the Basic First Aid Training and Certification on Saturday June 23rd from 9am to 3 pm at Camp Vigilance. The cost of the course, testing and certification is $21. We are limited to 20 participants. We can never have too many people in the field trained in First Aid. This is the basic course and does include CPR and AED training. Certification is good for 1-3 years depending on the module. If you are interested please send an email to carl@minutemanhq.com and specify Basic First Aid Training in the subject line [READ MORE...]

June Muster 22-24th at Camp Vigilance
JUNE MUSTER Our 19th consecutive border muster will get underway on Friday June 22 at 6 pm and run through Sunday June 24th at Camp Vigilance in Boulevard CA. We will hold round the clock border watch operations across a 35 mile stretch of our CA border with Mexico. The weather is predicted to be hot with daytime temps in the 80's and evening temps in the 50's. Please be sure to bring plenty of water for yourself and anyone you may come across in the high desert needing humanitarian aid. All vehicles should be carrying a full cooler of water at all times. Sunscreen, hats and protective clothing is advisable. According to BP the traffic is still heavy though our April and May efforts have shut down the usual locations. We will be scouting new locations in advance of your arrival. [READ MORE...]

Orange County Gun Show
The California Chapter of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps will have a booth at the Orange County Gun Show, Orange County Fairgrounds on June 2nd and 3rd. 9-5 Interested members should contact Lisa about working the booth. Send an email to lisa@minutemancorpsca.com [READ MORE...]

NORCAL Chapter Meeting
OPEN MEETING of the MINUTEMAN CIVIL DEFENSE CORPS - NORTHERN CALIFORNIA CHAPTER Ø Date: May 20, 2007 – Sunday Ø Time: 1:00 P.M. to 4:00 P.M. Ø Place: American Legion Hall 549 Merchant Street Vacaville, CA 95688 Ø Parking areas: 1. on street 2. nearby school parking lot okay per VA Hall manager 3. City Hall parking lot nearby Directions: Please refer to your favorite map/direction site i.e. Map Quest, Google, MSN Maps etc. See you there! Steve Giraud MCDC NorCal Chapter Leader (707) 769-8633 mcdc_norcal@yahoo.com [READ MORE...]

Dangerous Dwellers of The Desert Seminar Sunday May 20th
How do you tell the difference between different kinds of snakes? How do you avoid getting bit? What do you do if you are bit by one? What spiders are poisonous here in CA? These and many other questions will be answered by Sue Miller, local expert on such things at a free seminar (sponsored by Jim and Lisa) to be held during our next muster Sunday May 20th at 10:30 am. She will bring some of her "friends" for us to "visit" with. [READ MORE...]

Crisis Avoided Thanks to NORCAL Minutemen
Five Minutemen in the North California area volunteered as a watch group to prevent a high school shooting. [READ MORE...]

April Muster Is One For The Record Books
Dear Fellow Patriot, The 17th monthly muster is now complete and our fourth full month muster was indeed one for the record books . Hundreds of Minutemen participated in the 30 day border watch and were kept exceptionally busy. A total of 452 illegal border crossers were observed and approximately half of them were apprehended by BP. This activity beats our greatest effort by a factor of three yet the US Government wants you to believe the borders are secure, arrests are up. All is well, go home play golf. Never in our history have we had a more corrupt bunch of do nothing politicians running this country. [READ MORE...]

Greetings From Camp Vigilance
Dear Fellow Patriot: There is so much to report, I almost don't know where to start. Our second full week at Camp Vigilance was a smashing success. To date this month we have spotted and reported more than 225 illegal invaders coming across the border. Virtually every shift we are seeing traffic with groups as large as 30. The scouts are holding positions above the valleys and calling out to the illegal's on how to avoid us which of course would work, if they only knew where all of "us" is. [READ MORE...]

Illegal Invaders 45 Minutemen 28
Dear Fellow Patriot, No, the headline is not the score from a football game. It is the total number of illegal invaders spotted this weekend here in CA and the number of MM there to spot them. As you can see we were a bit outnumbered. We didn't have as many sitings as Arizona but then again we didn't have as many Minutemen (they had 128) Now, I'm used to the first muster weekend of our month long event being light in attendance. People schedule themselves later in the month for some unknown reason. Had we had more people there we would have prevented more illegal invaders from coming into our country. [READ MORE...]

CA April Operations - Now is the Time!
Its time to show the American Government for the 17th time that we can secure the border! That's right. This is our 4th month long muster and the 17th time we here in CA have assembled PEACEFULLY to exercise our constitutional and God given rights to safety, security and sovereignty. [READ MORE...]

March Muster One of Our Best Ever. April Month Long Muster on Deck
Dear Fellow Patriot, Well our March Muster was one for the books. First lets start with the weather. How about clear skies, and daytime temps in the 70's and 80's. A far cry from the blizzard that hit us in March last year. We had about 40 people show up for the weekend and the border was extremely busy. On Friday evening at about 10:00 our team in Jewel Valley spotted vehicles coming into the desert on the south side and dropping people off. A group was clearly staging to cross. By morning, the group had swelled to 48 people including 8 coyotes. [READ MORE...]

A Productive February Muster- New Chapters Launched
Dear Fellow Patriot, For as cold as January was (11 degrees in camp on Sunday morning), February was beautiful. Nice warm days and cool nights. The high desert can be a bit unpredictable this time of year. I flew over the snow capped peaks on Tuesday yet it was 70 degrees about an hour west of there in San Diego. We had 48 Patriots show up for duty and the weekend was productive in a lot of ways. [READ MORE...]

Minuteman discusses immigration with local Republican women
Many consider the Minutemen, the volunteers who patrol America's borders, to be a passel of drunken, racist cowboys. According to Minuteman Steve Giraud, that conception is completely wrong. [READ MORE...]

California Musters...Where Do I go and What Do I Bring?
If you are planning on attending the Winter and Spring Musters here is a list of items to bring, directions and contact info for lodging. Our field headquarters is at Camp Vigilance in Boulevard CA. Registration and training is daily at 7:00am and 6pm (until daylight saving time ends) You must have an ID card or if you are a new volunteer, your ID # to enter the camp. Please have it ready for review when you arrive. Field Operations Phone Number During Musters Only is 619-766-9094. Directions to Camp Vigilance are: [READ MORE...]

February Muster Is Upon Us. Be There or Be Overrun By Illegal Invaders
Dear Fellow Patriot, February 16th - 18th is the date of our next muster at Camp Vigilance in Boulevard CA. To all of our new members, WELCOME! You have joined the finest group of patriotic Americans you will ever come across. Last month more than 50 showed up at Camp V and sent 28 illegal's headed back south. Reports from the field indicate the traffic is the highest it has been in a year as people from all over the globe try to get in on the pending "Amnestia". We have to stop them and Amnestia now! [READ MORE...]

Nice Turnout For The Chilly January Muster
Chilly is a bit of an understatement. All across CA we set records for cold temperatures last week and the mountains were no exception. We hit 13 degrees on Sunday morning. Did that stop the Minuteman Corps of CA? Not a chance! 50 brave souls showed up, defied old man winter and kicked butt all weekend despite power outages and frozen pipes. As we learned, bad weather doesn't stop illegal aliens and drug runners either. [READ MORE...]

Prop 187 Is Alive Again
Dear Fellow Patriot, Many of you remember Prop 187. It provided that NO illegal aliens could receive public benefits and services like public education and healthcare and it passed with 58.8% of the vote in 1994. Court challenges afterwards rendered it unconsitutional and like the Mt Soledad Cross, the will of the people was stifled once again by an activist judicial system. Well Dick Mountjoy, the man who wrote the original Prop 187 has had it re-written and it is said to pass constitutional muster. To get it on the ballot we need 598,000 signatures on the petitions by February 20th http://www.defendcalifornia.com/pdfs/petition.pdf [READ MORE...]

December Muster a Windy Adventure
Dear Fellow Patriot, Up, Up and Away quickly became the theme song for the Minuteman Corps of CA December muster. Santa Anna winds blowing 30-40 MPH with gusts up to 75 MPH made the weekend interesting to say the least. I was calculating “ load and lift” for my tent trailer to see just what it would take to fly it to Portrero. The wind and chilly weather though didn’t stop 40+ Minutemen from having one of our most successful musters of the year. [READ MORE...]

2007 California Muster Schedule
We will hold our next monthly muster on December 1-3rd at Camp Vigilance. We will continue to have monthly musters throughout the year. Be sure to dress for cool days and cold nights. Bring layers of clothes so you can adapt as the sun comes up. This is the high desert. Expect the unexpected. Check out the article on where to go and what to bring for more information. Fortunately we now have the Stagecoach Depot with a big fireplace to keep us toasty for meetings and meals. Our 2007 Muster Schedule is as follows: [READ MORE...]

October Muster a Success!
Operation Secure Our Borders 2006 is still underway though our third, month long border watch is now history! What a month it was. Hundreds of MM volunteers journeyed to Camp Vigilance and braved the heat, the rain, the cold and the desert dust to do what our government has STILL refused to do which is Secure The Border! The beginning of the month started fast with groups being observed crossing from the very first couple days. Then something miraculous happened. By week three we had secured our section of Border and they stopped coming across. No traffic was observed. That is until 5:30 pm Sunday, on the one of the last days of our muster, when 38 illegals, hearing the Minutemen had finally gone home, rushed across the border into the waiting arms of the Border patrol. No one must have told them that the BP was now using the Minutemen very effectively as a force multiplier and a diversionary resource. The final toll at the end of the month was 76 observed and nearly all were apprehended. The goal, remember is NOT to see traffic and the northbound illegal traffic was reduced 87% from that observed in our April border watch. [READ MORE...]

Border Operations Update
In CA we have spotted and reported 58 people since the beginning of October. Yesterday morning we had a half starving and bruised young man wander into our camp looking for assistance. He was fed, given water and turned over to BP. This has happened every Sunday this month. Of the 58, nearly all were apprehended by BP. [READ MORE...]

October Muster Update
As we enter the third week of our October border watch I am amazed by the dedication of those that have shown up, some a great distance, to secure our southern border with Mexico. [READ MORE...]

Dear Fellow Patriot, The old TV program Naked City (1958-1963) used to sign on and off with “There are 8 Million Stories in the Naked City and this is one of them”. Well, we haven’t got eight million stories at the border yet but we’re working on it. We do however have a few good ones that might warm your heart just a bit and remind you that you are doing good work. [READ MORE...]

California Fall Border Operations 2006
Our next musters will be held September 29 through October 31st. All registered Minutemen are to report to “Camp Vigilance” in Boulevard CA. [READ MORE...]

August Muster A Success. Next Muster September 15th
August Muster Saw Plenty Of Illegal Activity Many thanks to all who participated in the August Muster. It was hot during the day (about 90) and downright chilly at night. It was one of our most successful yet with nearly 60 patriot’s participating and 47 illegals were spotted and reported to the authorities. Here is a brief recap of sightings: 11 Illegals were spotted in camp on Friday and reported to the Border Patrol. All 11 were arrested 8 were spotted walking down Shasta Rd, near camp, by honorary Minuteman Aubrey and reported to BP. All were arrested. 3 were observed crossing the Border at about midnight on Saturday Night near Boundary Peak and reported to BP. Unsure of the result. 8 were spotted crossing the border at daybreak near Site D by our overnight crew with the Thermal Scope. All were reported [READ MORE...]

Hearings to be Held in California
Minutemen supporters and volunteers: please be sure to attend these Congressional hearings in your area and interact with the Members of Congress and their staffs. This is not a request to protest, but to attend the hearings, and talk with Congressmen to help inform them and make your voice heard. [READ MORE...]

July/August Musters and Other Good Stuff!
The July Muster was predictably hot! Evening Operations were conducted under a ¾ moon in several areas as that is when most of the cross-border illegal traffic occurs during the summer. During the day, patriots rested, took Firearms Safety Classes (for free) and scouted out new locations. The weekend came off without a sighting. Border Patrol Agents said the traffic in our area has fallen off somewhat due to the hot weather and our vigilance. The pressure our presence puts on drug and people smugglers in the area is such that they are unwilling to risk a shipment of either when we are around. That’s great news. We must keep the pressure up! [READ MORE...]

Where Do I Go and What Do I Bring?
If you are planning on attending the Summer and Fall Musters here is a list of items to bring, directions and contact info for lodging. Our field headquarters is at Camp Vigilance in Boulevard CA. Registration and training is daily at 7:00am and 6pm (until daylight saving time ends) You must have an ID card or if you are a new volunteer, your ID # to enter the camp. Please have it ready for review when you arrive. Directions to Camp Vigilance are: [READ MORE...]

Alert! Hearing to be held in San Diego on July 5
July 5, 2006 The House International Relations Committee is holding a hearing concerning Border Vulnerabilities and International Terrorism, Part I. [READ MORE...]

June Muster A HUGE Success. Next Muster July 14th
100 degree heat didn’t stop 60 CA Minutemen from making a big impact on the border this weekend on several fronts. With a dozen journeying from our new Northern CA Chapter (NORCALMINUTEMEN) for this months muster and others from all over the state, we were able to get quite a bit accomplished. [READ MORE...]

June Muster and Border Flags Project
Our May Muster was a huge success with more border fence built and repaired. Night operations yielded results on both days and numerous illegal border crossers were repatriated to their own country by the end of the weekend. The schedule for this years Musters are as follows: June 23-25 July 14-16 August 18-20th September 15-17 October entire month November OFF December 1-3rd As usual we will be meeting at Outdoor World Campgrounds with the Friday training beginning at 7pm. [READ MORE...]

May Muster Begins Friday May 19th
The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps of CA will hold our monthly muster this weekend beginning Friday May 19th at 4pm and running until Sunday at 2pm. Trainings will be held at 7pm on Friday and 7:30 am on Saturday and Sunday. If you have signed up but not yet been vetted, please come to the border and we will get you interviewed on site by one of our leadership team. Location: Click on the headline. [READ MORE...]

Leaving the Border More Secure Than We Found It
Leaving The Border More Secure Than We Found It (and cleaner too!) We are humbled by the outpouring of support and generosity for our first Comebuildthefence event. Over 200 Patriotic Americans showed up with hand tools, welding machines, generators and good old fashioned elbow grease to repair damaged border fence, construct 1/4 mile of back to back fences and clean the area of all trash. Many others visited our website and made donations of cash and materials. It was a great day to be an AMERICAN. [READ MORE...]

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