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Panel wants people’s opinions about immigration
The state commission wants to determine if immigrants are a burden on public services. [READ MORE...]

Immigration officials pick up 60 detainees at Pr. William jail
More than 60 suspected illegal immigrants detained at the Prince William County jail have been picked up by federal immigration authorities since Friday. [READ MORE...]

Police give more detail on illegal immigration crackdown
Prince William County Police Chief Charlie Deane says only 2 of the 89 people questioned about their citizenship or immigration status were found to be in the country legally during the first month of increased illegal immigration enforcement in the county. [READ MORE...]

UPDATE: U-Va. Accepts Residency Claim
Ever since he was a little boy in Virginia, Nelson Lopez has wanted to go to the state's flagship university. But last month he worried when University of Virginia officials followed up on his application, asking him to prove that his parents were legal residents to qualify as an in-state applicant. He's a U.S. citizen, born here, but his parents are illegal immigrants from El Salvador. [READ MORE...]

Immigration Agency Arrests 34 Workers At Construction Firm
Federal immigration authorities converged on a Prince William County construction company just before sunrise yesterday, arresting 34 Latin American nationals for being in the country illegally. [READ MORE...]

Drake tries rare move on illegal immigration
Presidential politics and legislative wrangling have stalled attempts to address a hot issue in many parts of the country: illegal immigration. [READ MORE...]

Team Will Track Pr. Williams Illegal Immigration Crackdown
With the nation watching, the impact of Prince William County's illegal immigration crackdown will be measured not by the county board that pushed for it, or the police officers who will enforce it, but by an independent team of college professors and criminologists. [READ MORE...]

Va. Children of Illegal Immigrants Lack In-State Status
When Nelson Lopez applied to Virginia colleges this year, it never occurred to him that he might not be considered a state resident. After all, he has lived in the state since he was a baby, holds a voter registration card and will graduate this spring from an Alexandria high school. [READ MORE...]

Va. county: Tough laws repelling illegals
Months after Prince William County began one of the country's strongest crackdowns on illegal immigrants, some officials and residents say illegals and other residents appear to be leaving. [READ MORE...]

Assembly passes few laws on illegals
Illegal immigration was a key issue in the recent Virginia elections, but as the 2008 General Assembly closes just a couple of more than 100 proposed bills on the issue were passed. [READ MORE...]

Senate cripples House alien measures
Senators began chipping away yesterday at legislation against illegal aliens passed by the House, but they voted in favor of a measure aimed at cracking down on undocumented aliens who commit crimes. [READ MORE...]

Clashes Looming On Immigration, Taxes, Lending
The Virginia House and Senate took sharply different paths Tuesday on immigration, tax increases and payday lending reform, setting up what could be a bitter fight over some of the year's most controversial issues. [READ MORE...]

Immigration Initiative Is Left Out of Budget
Chairman Says Funds Will Be Found [READ MORE...]

Herndon weighs day-labor options after court ruling
The Herndon Town Council and town attorney met in closed session last night to discuss legal options after a Fairfax County Circuit Court decision last week declaring the town's anti-solicitation ordinance unconstitutional. [READ MORE...]

Another city joins immigration fight
About 100 citizens frustrated by the effects of illegal immigration joined the growing battle by municipalities against a problem with its roots in a lack of federal enforcement. [READ MORE...]

Herndon, VA Town Council Moves on 287(g) Initiative
Late last night, the Herndon Town Council voted unanimously in favor of a resolution approving the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to enable up to seven Herndon Town Police Officers to enforce selected federal immigration laws. [READ MORE...]

Senate shoots down immigration bills
Two Senate committees have dispensed with several immigration-related bills in the Virginia legislature. Six different bills, tied together only by their immigration-related content, were killed in the Senate Courts of Justice Committee and General Laws Committee last week. All six bills had passed earlier in the House of Delegates. [READ MORE...]

Latino Groups Lobby for More Rights
As Virginia lawmakers continued to consider a swath of bills aimed at punishing illegal immigrants and their employers, Latino immigrants and advocates took to the state Capitol yesterday to press for laws that expand the rights of people living in the country illegally. [READ MORE...]

VA House Approves Bill On Illegal Immigration
Jan. 30 The Virginia House of Delegates approved a far-reaching proposal Tuesday to strip charities and other organizations of state and local funding if any of the money is used to provide services to immigrants in the country illegally. [READ MORE...]

Minuteman speaks out in Leesburg
About 15 people gathered in the lower level of Ida Lee Park Recreation Center on Tuesday night to hear a presentation by the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps of Virginia on illegal immigration. George Taplin, director of the state chapter of the national organization, made the presentation, "The Effects of Illegal Aliens," explaining why it is important to combat illegal immigration and what residents can do to prevent the issue from becoming a problem in their neighborhoods. [READ MORE...]

Sen. Warner weighs in on immigration
Cracking down on illegal immigration at the local level is a growing movement nationwide, and Culpeper - though not quite leading the way - remains in the mix. Locally, the debate took a break over the holidays, but now it’s revving up again. This time, Sen. John Warner, R-Virginia, is weighing in. [READ MORE...]

Virginia Department Picked for ICE Program
Herndon Police Department Chief Toussaint E. Summers Jr. says the town has been accepted into a federal program that trains officers to enforce immigration laws, including deportation proceedings for illegal aliens. [READ MORE...]

Public Meeting in Leesburg
There will be a public meeting of the MCDC of Virginia on January 9th. [READ MORE...]

'Minutemen' hold inaugural meeting
Illegal immigration stirred up more discussion Thursday night in Culpeper. About 40 people gathered for the Minutemen Civil Defense Corps’ first meeting at the VFW Post 2524 on Sperryville Pike. “We are not here to talk about immigration,” said George Taplin, the chapter’s Virginia director. “We are here to talk about ways to alleviate the symptoms and problems that occur as the results of the immigration policies.” [READ MORE...]

Culpeper Meeting Announcement
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps of Virginia to hold meeting in Culpeper on December 7th. [READ MORE...]

You still think illegal immigration is only a border issue?
More than migrant workers are crossing our southern borders. Migrant gangs are on the rise and they have made their way to Northern Virginia. [READ MORE...]

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