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Leaving the Border More Secure Than We Found It

Leaving The Border More Secure Than We Found It (and cleaner too!)
We are humbled by the outpouring of support and generosity for our first Comebuildthefence event. Over 200 Patriotic Americans showed up with hand tools, welding machines, generators and good old fashioned elbow grease to repair damaged border fence, construct 1/4 mile of back to back fences and clean the area of all trash. Many others visited our website and made donations of cash and materials.

It was a great day to be an AMERICAN.

In a quiet California town called Boulevard, about 75 miles east of San Diego, they began streaming in as the sun rose:  Ordinary Americans, citizens, taxpayers, all, fed up with the government's refusal to secure the border.  While the congress offers up amnesty proposal after amnesty proposal in order to mollify the illegal masses who have taken to our streets, voters elected to build the fence in protest.

On Monday and Tuesday, on CNN's Lou Dobbs and Anderson Cooper 360°, and other media outlets, you will doubtless see millions of ungrateful illegal aliens demanding all the rights of citizenship with none of the responsibilities.  At the same time, another story is emerging.

Americans doing the job that the American government and even the illegal aliens don't want to do.

From it's genesis one particularly hot, boring day out on the border, an idea was born that grew as many people added to it:  Why not get a bunch of ordinary Americans together to build the fence instead of just talking about it?

Wouldn't it be a nice antidote to the 24/7 media infomercial for illegal aliens on May 1st?

Our plan was to mend and extend the existing primary border fence in a high traffic area where we have conducted border watches.  It is an area where the 12' high primary fence just abruptly ends, and the terrain gets rockier and steeper before it finally crests at the red rocks dubbed the "High Point Hilton", a huge cave-like area that serves as a resting place for thousands of illegal aliens per month.

So the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps of California proposed it & they came in droves.

There were so many people that at one point, we worried there would not be enough work for them.  One of our members, Gregg Imus, a general contractor rallied the volunteers to work, and after less than 5 minutes on the site, the first fence post went into the ground.

Another member, Anna Ford led a large contingent of ladies, who put on a good old fashioned Barbecue complete with hot dogs, lemonade and apple pie.  Other members, Chad and Greg Kranz, helped organize the logistics of transporting the 200 plus volunteers to the work site in a 60 vehicle convoy.  Carl Braun, our San Diego Sector Chief, shuttled the media about. He likened it to "herding cats" as 11 media outlets were represented on site from both local and national venue's. CNN, Fox News and even Israeli media were on hand the latter of which gave us a little advice on fence building.

The Minuteman Air Force (Squadron of One) flew high overhead with Pilot Steve and Spotter Dick keeping an eye out for all of us. John and Margaret climbed boundary peak and placed a huge American Flag atop it. The site of "Old Glory" on top of that mountain was an inspiration throughout the weekend.

There were so many contributors to this event. Thank You all so much!

Dozens of volunteers picked up huge bags filled with trash as we tried to leave the border more secure and in better shape than we found it.

This event was a huge success.  It exceeded our wildest expectations as hundreds of Americans, many of whom just met, worked together to build an impressive fence where there had been none, and they did so without a single disagreement.

Apparently the Border Patrol thought our fence impressive as well. Late in the day the BP helicopter circled overhead and announced “Thank you for building the fence” over the intercom.

This is how we chose to end our month-long border watch on the California border with Mexico.


Number of volunteers who participated over the course of the month:  410

Number of illegal aliens sighted:  482

Leaving 3 1/4 miles of our border fence more secure than we found it:



Please visit our photo gallery for more pics of the event at http://comebuildthefence.shutterfly.com/

Many thanks to all who have contributed time, energy, support and money to this unbelievably successful event.

Check out the Anderson Cooper 360 Blog and post your comments about the fence at http://www.cnn.com/CNN/Programs/anderson.cooper.360/blog/2006/05/minutemen-build-fence-along-southern.html 

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