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June Muster A HUGE Success. Next Muster July 14th

June Muster a Huge Success. Next Muster July 14th

100 degree heat didn’t stop 60 CA Minutemen from making a big impact on the border this weekend on several fronts. With a dozen journeying from our new Northern CA Chapter (NORCALMINUTEMEN) for this months muster and others from all over the state, we were able to get quite a bit accomplished.

Border Flags:

We ordered 1,000 border flags thanks to the generosity of our members, family and friends and put up the first 200 this weekend. Check out www.borderflags.com for updated pictures. Some of the inscriptions from people were so profound we are creating a special web show with pictures. Watch for it at Borderflags.com .
Catch Steve’s video at the site also. Great work!
Reserve YOUR Border Flag today and take our poll. Please be sure to pass the site along to everyone you know. Our goal is 10,000 flags in July. We have a long way to go. Anyone interested in posting flags July 4th weekend send me an email at minutemanhq@gmail.com . We have 800 to put up.
To those who sponsored a flag (s) we will be sending you pics and the GPS coordinates of your flag shortly. THANK YOU!

Border Watch Operations:

We conducted morning and evening operations in several areas including Site K, O’Neal Valley and Site Gary. With daytime temps in triple digits and no moon at night for evening travel, the window of opportunity for illegal crossers was very limited. We did see some traversing the desert at night with flashlights which was a big risk that rarely paid off for them.
Our MM Ninja’s did their thing under the direction of Chris B and Mike F. getting up at 3:00am and crawling in the rocks to be in place before sunrise.  Troy Z spotted a group along the road and called in the BP to repatriate them to their own country. We’ll post the video as soon as it’s available AND of course a weekend muster wouldn’t be complete without our usual visit by illegals in our camp. On Saturday night, 30 hapless illegal border crossers stumbled across our camp and had the misfortune of being spotted by one of our evening security teams. BP was called and the search for the group was on. We see more traffic within 50 yards of our camp than anywhere else. Another good reason for site security.
While on station at site K a lone border crosser managed to evade BP and turned up near our vehicles no doubt to do a little shopping. He was met by a well armed and unhappy 30 year Marine Vet (Hubie) who chased him back into Mexico.
Sunday morning, a group stationed at Red Rocks noticed a drug spotter in the canyon across from them. A visit by Greg K and myself to the area inspired a string of invectives in Spanish of course on the FRS radios. We definitely messed up somebody’s day.
Many thanks to all who participated and especially to John C’s group from Northern CA.

Firearms Safety:

Many thanks to Rick R, Range Master, who gave our folks a course in firearms safety. This will be part of every muster as long as a qualified, certified instructor is present.

Next Muster:

We will be meeting at Outdoor World on July 14-16th for our next muster. With the weather and daylight considerations we will be holding our first meeting at 6pm with ops beginning at 7:00pm. First timers training will also be at 7:00.
Days are very hot (we usually shut down by 11:00 am and pick back up again at 6pm) so our crews are well rested for overnight operations. There will be a chance to participate in all nighter’s in July if you are interested. We will have a FULL MOON for the operation which of course means most (if not all) illegal traffic will be at night. Evenings are very comfortable with few bugs (except Mothra) and a shooting star each minute. Come join us for a night in the desert.

Semper Vigilans (always vigilant)

Carl Braun

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