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July/August Musters and Other Good Stuff!

July/August Musters and Other Good Stuff!


The July Muster was predictably hot! Evening Operations were conducted under a ¾ moon in several areas as that is when most of the cross-border illegal traffic occurs during the summer. During the day, patriots rested, took  Firearms Safety Classes (for free) and scouted out new locations. The weekend came off without a sighting. Border Patrol Agents said the traffic in our area has fallen off somewhat due to the hot weather and our vigilance. The pressure our presence puts on drug and people smugglers in the area is such that they are unwilling to risk a shipment of either when we are around. That’s great news. We must keep the pressure up!

The National Guard has arrived at the CA Border. About 40 miles to our West (Chula Vista)which is going to push traffic into our sector. Increased traffic levels now are a given.


BORDER FLAGS: We put up another 200 Border Flags on the fence. Visit http://www.borderflags.com to see photos and comments from Flag Sponsors. There is a PowerPoint show also available. If you have MS Powerpoint on your computer go to http://www.borderflags.com/borderflags2.pps . If you DO NOT have MS Powerpoint on your computer go here http://www.borderflags.com/borderflagsCA/borderflags2.pps . Please allow it time to load. If you are using a MAC, it may not work.


If you have not sponsored a BorderFlag, please take a moment to send this rather poignant message to Mexico and our Politicians. This is AMERICA NOT AMEXICA. If you have sponsored a FLAG. THANK YOU! Go to http://borderflags.shutterfly.com

and run the slideshow. If you put an inscription on the flag it should show up there along with the GPS coordinates of your flag. We update the pics/inscriptions daily.





Gregg I. has donated a 40X12 Trailer to be used as a Communications Center on site. Many of you know we have had challenges in recent weeks with comms. We are located in a mountainous area that is just not conducive to great radio communications. We are installing a base unit there which will be compatible with our current “brick” radios and new radios being purchased by leadership. The new Comm Center should be up and running by next muster. It has AC and HEAT. Woohoo!

Anyone wishing to be a radio operator should contact minutemanhq@gmail.com .

FIREARMS SAFETY TRAINING: Once again, the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps of CA set the pace and held Firearms Safety Training for interested members at the last muster. Ron A., a certified NRA/DOJ Instructor gave the free class and issued 15 Safety Certificates. Old salts and new gun owners were on hand to brush up on or develop new safety habits.


IN FUTURE MUSTERS, we encourage everyone to attend these classes at least once per year. All new members who are not current/prior military or  law enforcement will be required to demonstrate knowledge of the SOP regarding firearms and proficiency in handling their side-arms with the onsite instructor before carrying a sidearm in the field. This is for everyone’s protection. No sidearm may be carried in a holster that does not have a retention strap/device. SERPA holsters permitted.



NEXT MUSTER:  Our next regularly scheduled muster is August 18-20th. Expect daytime Border deterrence operations and evening watches. We will be assigning duties to a rapid response team and conducting day and evening operational exercises to sharpen our skills.


Plan on being active the entire weekend. We have activities scheduled so that everyone has an opportunity to participate at the highest level while you are there. For more info on where to go and what to bring visit http://www.minutemanhq.com/state/read.php?chapter=CA&sid=177  




Semper Vigilans (always vigilant),


Carl Braun


Minuteman Civil Defense Corps of CA




The United States Of Amexica? How close are we? Take our poll at www.borderflags.com/poll.htm and tell us what you think!

"Should President Bush and Congress fail to fulfill their oaths of office, and meet their Constitutional obligation to protect these United States from invasion, we, the sovereign people of the United States, having suffered a long train of abuses at the hand of a willfully insolent government, do hereby declare that these States ought, should and will be protected by American Minutemen." Chris Simcox

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