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August Muster A Success. Next Muster September 15th

August Muster Saw Plenty Of Illegal Activity

Many thanks to all who participated in the August Muster. It was hot during the day (about 90) and downright chilly at night. It was one of our most successful yet with nearly 60 patriot’s participating and 47 illegals were spotted and reported to the authorities.

Here is a brief recap of sightings:

  • 11 Illegals were spotted in camp on Friday and reported to the Border Patrol. All 11 were arrested
  • 8 were spotted walking down Shasta Rd , near camp, by honorary Minuteman Aubrey and reported to BP. All were arrested.
  • 3 were observed crossing the Border at about midnight on Saturday Night near Boundary Peak and reported to BP. Unsure of the result.
  • 8 were spotted crossing the border at daybreak near Site D by our overnight crew with the Thermal Scope. All were reported
  • 2 were observed by the Red Rocks. A film crew from the History Channel was on hand and interviewed one of the individuals (still on the south side) who called himself a “ranch hand”. Later he was observed with another person on a yellow ATV carrying a bolt action rifle. BP has reported a group of banditos is working that area and they are using a bolt action rifle.
  • 15 were observed getting into a white suburban; a vehicle that was meant to hold 6-8 people at best. BP was called and all but the driver were apprehended. One individual, reportedly the coyote had a bag of cash on him that was estimated to be in excess of $10,000. One of those apprehended was a small boy about 9 years old.

Our NORCALMinuteman were once again on hand and had a hand in several of these sightings. Many thanks to our Chapter from up north.

Not one. Let me repeat that…NOT ONE National Guardsman was observed on duty in our sector and BP admitted they were way understaffed for the Saturday night watch with only 3 Patrol Agents on duty for the entire Campo sector that evening. YOUR ASSISTANCE IS STILL NEEDED TO SECURE OUR BORDERS. It has been reported that the National Guard will be coming to our area to do border watches. Trouble is, Border Patrol is watching them leaving few to actually apprehend the offenders. We need to draw more attention to this situation. Call your local radio stations. Tell them about our recent successes. Tell them that we need more BP Agents. The administrations claims that the borders are now secure are false.


We worked at a fever pace to get the communications center up and running. It took some effort and it was not without a few last minutes challenges, but the communications was a critical piece of our success this muster. Kudos to the rest of the muster team who managed the mission while some of the senior leaders tried to get communications up. The building actually arrived on weds and the antenna needed to be constructed and welded to the frame before anything could happen. It took us away from the group for most of the weekend. Apologies to folks who might have felt a little left out of things. Without communications we cannot send people on the line.

The good news is we are fully operational and taking our weekends to make the trailer more user friendly and hospitable.

Radio operators needed for all shifts in September and October. Please send an email as to your availability to minutemancorpsca@gmail.com  


We are entering into an agreement with Outdoor World to secure the entire area around the Communications Center including the small house and the StageCoach Depot as our new CA HQ and camping area. About 8 acres. Over the next few weeks we will be clearing out campsites and getting the water and sewer situation under control. Next muster report to the Comm Center for instructions and you will be assigned a camp site from there and not through Outdoor Worlds Main Office. The directions are simple. Instead of going to the main office, go past Outdoor Worlds main office building about ¼ mile on Shasta road and take the first driveway to the left.

This is a great opportunity for us. As the Stagecoach Depot is renovated and becomes useful to us, we will be holding meetings there and have a warm, secure place for campers to mingle and relax. In the meantime we have an air conditioned/heated comm. center. We are looking for a caretaker to live on site in the Studio Apartment. It’s a great deal. If you or someone you know might be interested, let us know at minutemanhq@gmail.com  


Many of you know that our own Tony Dolz is running for the State Assembly in the 41st District Santa Monica Ventura area. Tony is a great guy and it seems his local constituency thinks so as well giving him a 75% vote of confidence in the Republican primary. He is running against a well funded Democratic contender. Would anyone like to guess what his opponents position is on illegal immigration. How about the war on Iraq? Would it help to tell you that she is a huge fan of Cindy Sheehan? Want to see the Minuteman have an office at the State Capitol?. Visit www.dolz.com  . Tony needs our help.


Our next muster will be held on September 15th-17th. We have new locations and our communications center allows us to go places that were previously unavailable to us. It is going to be an exciting weekend. The first meeting is on Friday the 15th at 6pm. Once again we will have a barbecue. Small donation is requested. Training for newcomers is at 7pm. Day and evening operations will be held. Be sure to pack plenty of water and light clothing for days and warm stuff at night. Temps should be 85/45. For info on where to stay and what to bring visit our website at http://www.minutemancorpsca.com

If anyone has any doubts as to why we are doing this, these two articles should be very informational. Illegal Aliens Tied To Gang Rape Crime Wave

.Illegal Alien Mother of 10 finds it tough to get a long in America.


So you woke up this morning and went to Starbucks for coffee. On the way there you noticed 60 illegal aliens crowding the streetcorner in your neighborhood. You thought to yourself “Self, why isn’t someone doing something about that?”

Well here’s your big chance to have an impact on your local community. We are looking for Chapter leaders interested in starting up a local organization that will occassionally help out on the borders but will get those illegal day labor sites in your neighborhood under control. If you are committed to stopping this human invasion AND you have about 10-15 hours per week you can dedicate to managing a local MCDC Chapter, send an email to minutemanhQ@gmail.com  . Somone will contact you and arrange for a personal interview. The battle to secure our borders and our country starts at home. Do you have the right stuff to be a Minuteman Chapter Leader?

Semper Vigilans (always vigilant),

Carl Braun

CA State Director

California Contact Info

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