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Dear Fellow Patriot,


The old TV program Naked City (1958-1963) used to sign on and off with “There are 8 Million Stories in the Naked City and this is one of them”. Well, we haven’t got eight million stories at the border yet but we’re working on it. We do however have a few good ones that might warm your heart just a bit and remind you that you are doing good work.


A local resident, very active in border watch efforts and supportive of the Minutemen spotted my truck near the Outdoor World Entrance and stopped by to chat for a minute. She asked if we were the ones who moved into the property down the road and I told her about “Camp Vigilance”. She was thrilled and couldn’t wait to tell the neighbors. The Minutemen are here for the long haul! As she left she said, We’re glad you are here. Thank You. At least tonight I can get some sleep”. The residents of

Shasta Way
are inundated with traffic 24/7. Our presence has already had an impact. A van full of 15 illegals and a wad of cash was spotted by MM last month near her house and they were apprehended by Border Patrol who seized the money, the driver AND the new Suburban.


A business owner mentioned to one of our folks that they used to be overrun with illegals who stole and vandalized their property almost daily. They felt powerless to do anything about it. Then, about six months ago they noticed that traffic had gone way down to but a trickle of what it was six months earlier. They concluded it  was the Minutemen who have stopped the traffic and the damage to their property. They are our newest fans. The owner, a legal immigrant from Iraq has offered us multiple levels of support for upcoming operations. Hint: He owns a restaurant.


An elderly couple was sitting next to their camper at Outdoor World when one of our leaders walked by. They asked her who she was and what group she was with. She explained to them that she was a Minuteman. They told her that they had been camping there for over 20 years every summer. In the past, hordes of illegals would swarm down on the campground to purchase supplies from the front store and call for their rides. Often these groups would be wild and they were afraid for their safety. Today, they see very few and thanked the Minutemen (and Dimitri of course) for bringing order to the area once again.


September Muster


On that note, we are pleased to inform you that our efforts are really paying off. We are of course at the border to help secure it. A measure of our success is NOT seeing traffic. When we take up positions along the border we prevent people and drugs from crossing. When they do try and make it across anyway, they are often spotted and either TBS’d (turned back south) or caught by the border patrol. The word on the trail is that this is not a safe area to cross any longer. The Partnership between us the BP and the National Guard is having a major impact. Recently, a frustrated potential border crosser took to throwing stones at border watchers near site D. A reminder to be careful. We had one lone individual spotted in September. He was seen twice. Once when he snuck up behind me in the dark at Camp V on Thursday evening and again when we saw him walking down

Shasta Way
Sunday afternoon. Not everyone “leaves” the area. A thorough search of the area surrounding Camp V is necessary and will be conducted during our October border watch.


We had 45 enthusiastic MM on hand to help christen Camp Vigilance in September. With their help we were able to nearly complete the two bathrooms with showers for campers and cleaned up the area. They fit this in between manning posts along the border. Steve from USNightVision was on hand to demo his products. Steve is also a Minuteman and he allowed us to take 12 new night vision and thermal devices into the field on Saturday. Everyone, including site security had the latest and greatest in technology prompting one of our members to proclaim “ Minutemen…We Own The Night!” And we surely did. Even with Steve heading home we have several new 3rd generation devices, thermal scope with automatic panning ability along with more on the way including 3 new 10 million candle power infrared spotlights. We will definitely have the ability to FUTBG but good. (that’s uhh Foul Up The Bad Guys) for the uninitiated J


Chef Anita once again cooked up two feasts for Friday and Saturday. Hats off to Anita and Rick (who ran this months muster) for a great job. We will continue the evening meal service as long as it is wanted by membership. The $5 donation helps to cover the food costs and saves MM a load of cash at the Casino Restaurant in more ways than one. The food is also a lot better.  Anyone interested in helping with the Foodservice Committee should send an email to 1patriot10@gmail.com .


Camp Vigilance


WOW! What a difference two weeks can make. Thanks to the efforts of MM Greg K, Ron A and a host of other characters in this drama, Camp Vigilance was open for duty with increased levels of service throughout the weekend. Hundreds of feet of piping, trenches and wiring all came together to bring it to order. Dimitri and Ed were terrific with the sewer lines and backhoe. Many thanks to both of them for their contributions. Ironman Greg K (aka Carl and “Da Plummer”) really kicked butt on the communications  center and new bathrooms. Please give him a pat on the back when you see him.


Speaking of the comm. center, our communications for the weekend were stellar. A new repeater is on the way and will be installed giving us total coverage for our operations area with the handhelds. Great news!


The studio apartment will be ready for the October Muster and beyond. Reservations are going to go fast. Donation for the apartment, which includes a full kitchen and private bath will be $60 per night with a 3 night minimum. This will save the motel Minutemen who are currently staying at the Bates Motel (and you know which one I mean) about $60 for a three day stay to say nothing of what it will save in gas and aggravation. The apartment is very nice with a large sleeping/living area and knotty pine paneling on the walls. Pics to follow. Reservations for camp sites and the apartment can be made by sending an email to reservations@campvigilance.com  Include your preference, whether you need hookups and if so how big your camper is. Date arriving and leaving would be helpful.


October Muster


A five week, 24/7 extravaganza is on hand for October with day and evening operations to include radio ops and enhanced site security the latter of which has become one of our most important and productive posts. More than 500 illegals have been spotted since April in and around our camgrounds. Radio operators are needed and overnight radio operators may stay in the locked Comm Center which by the way has a private bath, kitchen and heat/AC. To volunteer for radio duty please click here or  send an email to radar@campvigilance.com Put Radio volunteer in the subject line and tell us what dates and times you are available. If you have already responded we have your information.  


Operations will commence on Friday September 29th  at 6pm (dinner at 5:30). Training for newcomers will be at 7pm.

Saturday Meeting is at 7am with training to follow at 8 am for newcomers and 6pm (dinner at 5:30)

Sunday meeting is at 7:30 am

Weekdays meetings will be at 7am and 6pm


During October we will also be doing fence building and repair and work on the Camp.

For directions on where to go and what to bring visit http://www.minutemanhq.com/state/read.php?chapter=CA&sid=177


As you can imagine we get dozens of calls each week and phone tag is tough. If you have questions, for best results. Email us at minutemanhq@gmail.com .If you are a new volunteer and are reporting for duty please click here or send an email to reportingforduty@minutemancorpsca.com


The eyes of the word are upon us. In a little over a year we have taken this debate from a non starter to the #1 or #2 topics on the minds of Americans. 76% of all Americans want a secure border but like everything else it is left up to the true Patriots to actually do something about it. If you have an hour, a week or a month to spend on the border this October. We NEED your support.


If Not You……Who?

If Not Now……When?


Semper Vigilans (always vigilant),


Carl Braun

California State Leader

Minuteman Civil Defense Corps of CA

11956 Bernardo Plaza Drive #427

San Diego, CA 92128




California Contact Info

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