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October Muster a Success!

Dear Fellow Patriot,


Operation Secure Our Borders 2006 is still underway though our third, month long border watch is now history! What a month it was. Hundreds of MM volunteers journeyed to Camp Vigilance and braved the heat, the rain, the cold and the desert dust to do what our government has STILL refused to do which is Secure The Border!


The beginning of the month started fast with groups being observed crossing from the very first couple days. Then something miraculous happened. By week three we had secured our section of Border and they stopped coming across. No traffic was observed. That is until 5:30 pm Sunday, on the one of the last days of our muster, when 38 illegals, hearing the Minutemen had finally gone home, rushed across the border into the waiting arms of the Border patrol.  No one must have told them that the BP was now using the Minutemen very effectively as a force multiplier and a diversionary resource. The final toll at the end of the month was 76 observed and nearly all were apprehended. The goal, remember is NOT to see traffic and the northbound illegal traffic was reduced 87% from that observed in our April border watch.


Many thanks go out to the patriotic Americans that were there nearly the entire month. Paula, Eric, Steve, Bill, Joe, Matt and others held down the fort during the week while the rest of us returned to our jobs and families to recharge the batteries for another weekend in the wilderness. Who can forget the efforts of the NORCAL Minutemen, some of whom traveled 12 hours or more to get to the border and then worked round the clock shifts. John and his crew were amazing.


The Executive Board of the Minuteman Corps of CA deserves a standing “O’ for their work. Ron and Karen, Mike, Anita and Rick, Greg, Steve and Mona and Gregg I  actually started their tour in mid August when the trailer arrived and we had a few short weeks to prepare for the October Muster. Hundreds of man (and woman) hours and thousands of dollars went into pulling this off so we had a safe, comfortable and meaningful experience to say nothing of the thousands of emails and endless phone calls planning everything. To all those who sweated, donated material, time and hours and literally worked around the clock. THANK YOU.





Everyone deserves an award and in particular Paula and Joe received Distinguished Service Awards for their ongoing efforts. Congratulations! We will be honoring someone each month for their dedication to the cause.


Border Patrol sends their thanks and a hearty congratulations for a job well done. AGAIN, we did our civic duty, within the confines of the law and no one got hurt on either side of the debate. Well almost no one. Henry Morones did get his feelings hurt just a tad. His plans to “teach the evil migrant hunters a lesson” kind of fizzled when he went to the border and no one but Minutemen showed up.


Our Next Muster is Friday December 1st through Sunday the 3rd. It will be our last event of the year. I hope everyone can make it.


There is an organizational meeting this coming Thursday November 9th for the East Bay Minutemen. Please contact Bruce or Steve at eastbaymm@minutemancorpsca.com


For those of you who from time to time need a gentle reminder on why we do what we do, here is an article on terrorism crossing our southern border. Be sure to click to download the report from the Federal Government on what a sad mess border security really is.



Have a safe and pleasant Thanksgiving holiday. See You December 1st.


Semper Vigilans (always vigilant),


Carl Braun

California State Leader

Minuteman Civil Defense Corps of CA

11956 Bernardo Plaza Drive #427

San Diego, CA 92128






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