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December Muster a Windy Adventure

Dear Fellow Patriot,


Up, Up and Away quickly became the theme song for the Minuteman Corps of CA December muster. Santa Anna winds blowing 30-40 MPH with gusts up to 75 MPH made the weekend interesting to say the least. I was calculating “ load and lift” for my tent trailer to see just what it would take to fly it to Portrero. The wind and chilly weather though didn’t stop 40+ Minutemen from having one of our most successful musters of the year.


Camp Vigilance is turning into a godsend with the 1856 Stage Coach Depot and its fiery hearth playing home for our meals and meetings. I couldn’t imagine what it would have been like this weekend if we had to hold everything outdoors like last winter.


Anita served up sloppy joes for the crew on Friday and a kick butt spaghetti dinner on Saturday which, thanks to Rick R, had a meat sauce made with tasty (and I mean tasty) Elk burger.  The New York Cheesecake was quite a treat as well for dessert. Not a bad meal for $5 bucks. Thank you Anita, Rick and RICK.



Distinguished Service Award


This months DSA went to Eric S and his faithful partner “Pepper” the Border Puppy. Eric is the guy you see every muster, early in the morning, getting your fire stoked and coffee going so when you crawl out of your tent you have something warm to greet you. He works on multiple projects like the mapping with John C and manages to man a post as well. Eric is a valuable member of our team. He is a WWII vet and Battle of the Bulge POW. He is a man who has given more to this country than most and continues to do so each and every month. Congratulations Eric on your much deserved recognition!




As usual we deployed our folks on day and night ops covering old and new locations. We covered the BP shift changes and when one Patrol Agent heard we go out into the field specifically to fill in any gaps the shift change might cause he said “For Real? THANKS!” While  we cannot  go into it here, suffice it to say that the BP is using us more effectively each muster as a blocking force and a force multiplier. We are happy to be of assistance.


Several sightings were noted and reported. The weather was no doubt keeping the traffic to a minimum. Once again BP reported  that after we left O’Neil Valley the other night, a large drug load came over the fence and was “popped”. They are indeed keying off of our movements and BP is taking advantage of their short sightedness. WE ARE HAVING AN IMPACT LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! Even, and sometimes especially when we don’t see it. Our job is to stop traffic cold and due to our new guerilla tactics the bad guys cannot figure out where and when we are going to show up. We accomplish our  task of securing the border when we DO NOT see any traffic. More on this later.


Immigration Forum This Friday


Per the earlier email, there is a Forum on Immigration at Chaffey College in Rancho Cucamonga this Friday December 8th. We want to pack that theatre with patriots. It starts at 6pm. Please take some time to come on over and show your support if you can. See our website for more details.



Next Planned Muster


Our next planned muster is January 12th-14th. For where to go and what to bring visit our website at http://www.minutemancorpsca.com . For reservations send an email to reservations@campvigilance.com


The Minuteman Corps of CA is run by an Executive Council of 11 leaders who work tirelessly to ensure a safe and productive experience for each and every member. From Rick and Anita, Mike F, Mona and Steve, Greg K, Ron and Karen, Greg I, John C and myself; Thank you for your service. Please have a safe and happy Holiday season and Merry Christmas. We’ll see you in the New Year!


Semper Vigilans (always vigilant),


Carl Braun

California State Leader

Minuteman Civil Defense Corps of CA

11956 Bernardo Plaza Drive #427

San Diego, CA 92128






"We are Minutemen. Like the Patriots that stood before us at Lexington and Concord, ours is a struggle for the heart and soul of this great Republic. This is the playing field of Franklin, Adams and Jefferson.

It is not a burden...but a privilege."

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