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Prop 187 Is Alive Again

Dear Fellow Patriot,
Many of you remember Prop 187. It provided thatNO illegal aliens could receive public benefits and services like public education and healthcare and it passed with 58.8% of the vote in 1994. Court challengesafterwards rendered it unconsitutional and like theMt SoledadCross, the will of the people was stifledonce again by an activist judicial system.
Well Dick Mountjoy, the man whowrote the original Prop 187 has had it re-written and it is said to pass constitutional muster. To get it on the ballot we need 598,000 signatures on the petitions by February 20th http://www.defendcalifornia.com/pdfs/petition.pdf
Free publicservices along with anchor babies and self servingbusiness interests are THE attractants for illegal immigration in this country.YES we need to secure the border. YES we need to crack down on employers that hire illegal aliens.YES we need to REPEALor Amend the 14th Amendment to disallow the "anchor baby" practice. ANDYES we need to stop the loss of $10 Billion dollars per year in tax dollars going to people who are not even citizens of our country at the expense of US CITIZENS who cannot get these services any longer.
Many of you have written about what you can do if you cannot get to the border. Here's your chance to have a positive impact.
Petitions to get Prop 187 on the ballot are now available. http://www.defendcalifornia.com/pdfs/petition.pdfIf you would like the larger versions with 10 signatures available on the page,send an email to me or pmew60@aol.com We need every Minuteman to download these petitions and get signatures. We need598,000 signatures by February 20th 2007. We cannot do it all but we are not the only organization seeking these signatures.
Please follow the petition rules carefully on the website. If every Minuteman in this state got 20 signatures we could generate more than 20% of the required signatures all by ourselves. Let them know who collected the names and that you are an MCDC volunteers.
It is high time we wrestled our state back from the invaders. If we stop all the benefits and the jobs THEY WILL GO HOME. With your help we can get our country and our state back but it starts with YOU. Please donwload some petitions and reclaim your birthright!
Semper Vigilans (always vigilant)
Carl Braun
CA State Director
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps of CAQ
11956 Bernardo Plaza Drive #427
San Diego, CA 92128

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