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Nice Turnout For The Chilly January Muster

Dear Fellow Patriots,
Chilly is a bit of an understatement. All across CA we set records for cold temperatures last week and the mountains were no exception. We hit 13 degrees on Sundaymorning. Did that stop the Minuteman Corps of CA? Not a chance!
50 brave souls showed up, defied old man winter and kicked butt all weekend despite power outages and frozen pipes. As we learned, bad weather doesn't stop illegal aliens anddrug runners either.
We had operations runningday and night covering theBP shift changes and just being generally unpredictable. New ops areas were opened up in Campo. We nowcover from Campo to Mountain Springs working 27 miles of mountainous terrain. Friday at midnite we fried the transformer outside the Communications Center no doubt from the dozens of heaters running. SDGE showed up and got it working again but it went down againearly Sunday morning. At 6am Sunday three trucks showed up and in an hour had replaced the transformer. They were pleased it was for the minutemen and wished us luck in our activities. Becauseof the power outages the pumps froze up and we had no water. Didn't stop us though and the mood in camp was always upbeat. Thanks to everyone for their "can do" pioneer spirit. The folks that occupied that Stagecoach Depot 150 years ago would have been proud.
On Saturday a group of us went out to Red Rocks and repaired some of the fence that had been damaged. We scouted around and found a piece of luggage that contained a large indian blanket and string for booties. We took the bag and set up a watch for the next two days. At about 6am a group of 22 showed up looking for their gear. The two coyote guides climbed up to a lookout station we use and found a surprise. Steve, Mark and Deb. After a few tense moments they left and went back acrossed the border. We had screwed up a crossing; a possible drug crossing as all of the other 20 were dressed identically in black with backpacks.They probed the fence across the valley but found Minutemen everywhere they went. They eventually TBS'd (turned back south). Later in the day a group of six were spotted east of camp in The Oaks and were reported and apprehended.
Several things were obvious after these events. The fence is being "jumped" and needs repairs. The area needs to be cleared to eliminate hiding places and we need to send out scout teams to searchour areas before we set up border watches to see if crossings are planned. Nice heads up work by all the teams involved in preventing the crossing of these illegals. If they were a drug running group we stopped 22. If it was just illegal border crossers, we likely stopped 4-5 hardended criminals from infecting our society.Twenty percent of all border crossers are hardened criminals.
Our radios worked like a champ. Many thanks to Ron A who purchased 12 new ICOM radios and batteriesfor our group. We have solid radio coverage now for our entire area. The Stagecoach Depot once again kept us warm and dry and we set up a dining area for the great meals prepared by Anita and crew.
Jim Harrington was honored with our Distinguished Service Award for his relentless efforts and donations of equipment and supplies. Thank you JIM!
We had several newcomers this weekend and they added a great deal to our efforts. From the followup emails it sounds like they had a blast! If you haven't been to the border in a while or haven't yet taken that first step--check it out. You will not regret it.
Our next muster is February 16-18th. We will hold day and night border watch efforts, repair fence and clear brush. If you have brush clearing equipment, chainsaws, etc, please bring them. We will also hold classes on firearm safety and proper radio procedures.
In light of the borderincursion inArizona where a National Guard Unit was overrun, our SOP has been modified to allow Minutemen to have long arms in their vehicles. THIS DOES NOT MEAN YOU CAN WALK AROUND CARRYINGRIFLESOR SHOTGUNS.It only means you mayhave one in your vehicle. The brandishing of long arms on operations or in camp will not be tolerated. There is a reason why we have not had one single person hurt in any border operations.It is because we follow SOP.
Anyone interested in doing some work around camp over the weekend of January 26-27 please send me an emailto carl@minutemanhq.com
Semper Vigilans (always vigilant),
Carl Braun

"We are Minutemen. Like thePatriotsthat stood before us at Lexington and Concord, ours is a struggle for the heart and soul of this great Republic. This is the playing field of Franklin, Adams and Jefferson.

It is not a burden...but a privilege."

California State Leader
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps of CA
11956 Bernardo Plaza Drive #427
San Diego, CA 92128

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