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February Muster Is Upon Us. Be There or Be Overrun By Illegal Invaders

Dear Fellow Patriot,

February 16th - 18th is the date of our next muster at Camp Vigilance in Boulevard CA. To all of our new members, WELCOME! You have joined the finest group of patriotic Americans you will ever come across. Last month more than 50 showed up at Camp V and sent 28 illegal's headed back south. Reports from the field indicate the traffic is the highest it has been in a year as people from all over the globe try to get in on the pending "Amnestia". We have to stop them and Amnestia now!

Therefore, this is a call for all patriotic Minutemen to come to the aid of their country. Lets make February 2007 a resounding success!

What do you have waiting for you when you get there? Well our Camp Vigilance is "conveniently located on an active smuggling trail" for openers. Only 2.5 miles from the fence, we have seen and reported more than 600 illegal's since April 2006 in and around our Camp. We have full RV Hookups, a rustic 1856 Stagecoach Depot for meetings, a new "Bunkhouse" to keep you warm and out of the wind at night and a new commercial radio system that provides coverage for up to 35 miles. We now have 16 ICom Programmable Radios with privacy mic's (thanks Ron and Karen) and the "bricks" have been retired. Hot showers, clean comfortable bathrooms (with Pergo floors I might add) and a full Apartment complete with private shower and kitchen.

To get directions or to find out where to go and what to bring, please visit http://www.minutemanhq.com/CA Be there or be OVERRUN by illegal invaders. Stop bitching at the TV (or your poor wife God Bless her soul) and GET YOUR BUTT TO THE BORDER! we have 2,000 members and the same 40 show up month in and month out. We need you. Your grandkids need you to secure their future. To reserve a campsite, RV hookup or bunk, please send a reservation to reservations@campvigilance.com . The apartment is already rented for February but get your reservations in now for March and APRIL! Remember we will be at Camp V for the entire month of April.

The UCLA Thing

Many of you have sent warm greetings and letters of support over the cancellation of the UCLA debate between myself and the "Open Borders" crowd. To those who might be celebrating an apparent victory by shutting down our right to freedom of speech they might think again. UCLA is reportedly capitulating on the cancellation of the debate and rescheduling for mid March. I'll keep you posted on dates and times. This event might also be broadcast on radio live. We'll see what happens. A hearty one finger salute to the SDS and their ilk.


I will be the keynote speaker at the Annual Ronald Reagan Dinner for the Tuolumne County Republicans At the Senior Center in Sonora on Friday March 16th. For tickets to the dinner/event contact them at jday@tcrepublicans.com


On Saturday February 13th we will be "clearing a firebreak" on private property along the border and generally cleaning up the area from the tons of trash left behind by the illegal invaders. Those who wish to participate may do so by reporting to Camp Vigilance by 9am Saturday. We need folks to bring chainsaws, generators, A WOOD CHIPPER OR TWO would be great and large plastic bags. This "firebreak" will clear the area of brush and debris while enabling the Minutemen, Border Patrol and National Guard an unencumbered view of the area. We will also be repairing fence. Come prepared to work all day. Lunch donations of food would be appreciated as well.

SPEAKING OF DONATIONS! Many thanks to Ken, Vickie, George, Rick, Jim, Walt, Ed, the leadership team and everyone else who have purchased items for Camp Vigilance. We have a new heater for the bunkhouse, a new BBQ grill AND a kick butt industrial strength camp stove. Dmitri and Sharon have donated two overstuffed couches for the depot and cases of soft drinks and water. Rich has donated some materials to repair the 150 year old roof. The list goes on and on. ALL OF YOU ARE AMAZING! THANK YOU!

On the wish list:
Rolled roofing
indoor/outdoor carpeting
Cot or Futon for the comm center
picture frames for the soon to be unveiled "Wall of Fame"
Day/Night Camera Security System
The latter will be used to augment site security. We are looking at http://www.x10.com/products/xx16a_ed_3cknvp_0112a_1002.html or http://cgi.ebay.com/New-Four-Cameras-Video-Surveillance-Security-System_W0QQitemZ230086952556QQihZ013QQcategoryZ48636QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem but wide open to suggestions or professional help. The better the system the less people we need to secure the site means more people on the border.


Anyone wishing to lend their expertise around camp during or even in between musters please let me know. There is plenty of work to be done.

In the Words of our greatest 20th century President Ronald Reagan



Semper Vigilans (always vigilant),

Carl Braun
California State Leader
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps of CA
11956 Bernardo Plaza Drive #427
San Diego, CA 92128

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