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California Musters...Where Do I go and What Do I Bring?

If you are planning on attending the†Winter and Spring Musters†here is a list of items to bring, directions and contact info for lodging. Our field headquarters is at Camp Vigilance in Boulevard CA. Registration and training is daily at 7:00am and 6pm (until daylight saving time ends) You must have an ID card or if you are a new volunteer, your ID # to enter the camp. Please have it ready for review when you arrive. Field Operations Phone Number During Musters Only is 619-766-9094. Directions to Camp Vigilance are:†

Directions from San Diego/8 East:
Take Interstate 8 East to mile 61
Exit Crestwood/Live Oak Springs Road (Golden Acorn Casino)
Go Right two blocks. Right on Church for approx 4.5 miles
Left on Highway 94
Right at the Outdoor World RV Park (approx. 1.1 miles)
Follow Driveway back 1.2 miles. Our driveway is the first one on the†left AFTER the Outdoor World Office. †Look for the American Flags on the gate.†Rough road. Drive with caution.

Please DO NOT enter Camp Vigilance through Outdoor World. Use the main road and our private entrance. The back road will be closed off to vehicle traffic.

Reservations can be made by sending an email to reservations@campvigilance.com

For security purposes, you must check in at the main†gate before entering the campgrounds and show your ID.

Camp Vigilance camping rates (suggested donation)†are identical to Outdoor Worlds.

$25 per night donation for RV site with hookups

$20 per night donation†RV site w/o hookups

$10 per night donationTent Camping or Bunkhouse

$75 per night donation†for Lincoln Bedroom (Studio Apartment) 3 night minimum.†

Here is a list of other lodging facilities.

Live Oak Springs Resort (recommended) Ask for Minuteman rate
37820 Old Highway 80
Boulevard, CA
Phone: 619-766-4288
Spa/Massage, Kitchen, Fireplace, Hot Tub, Bicycling, Fishing, Resort

Lux Inn†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††
(619) 766-9005†† 39739 Avenida De Robles Verses
Boulevard CA† 11.3 miles approx $81.75

Pine Valley Inn Motel
(619) 473-8560†† 28944 Old Highway 80
Pine Valley CA 15.2 miles
Approx $60 week night, $70 weekend

Alpine Country Cottages Motel
(619) 445-3448† 2635 Alpine Blvd.
Alpine CA 23 miles
Approx $70 night† Two night minimum on weekends

Country Inn by Ayres Alpine† (40 miles away)
1251 Tavern Rd
Alpine, CA
Phone: 619-445-5800
Approx Price: $100.0 - $109.00

On Expedia.com there are eight motels listed in El
Cajon ranging from $50 to $87 a night.† It is further
away but might have to be used if people cannot find
other accommodations.

Gear to bring (if you have them)
This is the high desert. Our operational area is at 3-4,000 ft above sea level.†Cool days Cold Nights. (It can get below freezing in Winter at night)



Video camera


Personal Food and Water ( very limited local stores/restaurants)

Extra Water. Recommended consumption in the day is 1 litre per hour.

Flashlight with batteries (preferably red lens)

Layers of clothing. warm during the day (70-90). Cold at night (40's)

Desert boots

Lawn Chair





Night vision binoculars (if you have them). Do not buy Gen1 night vision goggles. You will be disappointed. We have Gen3 devices and thermal scopes.

Minuteman ID (if you havenít received bring MM ID#)

Cell Phone

FRS Radio (walkie talkie) Not required. We have a fairly sophisticated radio network. Private UHF commercial frequency. FRS/GMRS/HAM radios WILL NOT WORK with our system. don't waste your money.

Book or Magazines

Sidearm (recommended not required)

First Aid Kit

ONCE AGAIN. Please bring adequate clothing and gear for a rugged environment with 50-60 degree temperature swings. Night operations with rare exceptions will require hat, gloves, warm jacket, warm boots. Bring PLENTY of water for yourself and for anyone you may come in contact with needing humanitarian relief. It is rare but you should be prepared.†

Evening meals (damn good) are provided for $5 donation including entre, salad, bread, butter, coffee, drinks, dessert. Dinner is at 5pm daily during Musters

All meetings are inside during cold or inclement weather.

Just a Reminder

No children are allowed.† You must be a minimum of 18
years old participate.

If you plan to bring your pet, you must keep them
restrained (cage, leash, etc..)

No Confederate Flags. The only flag flying will be the American Flag.

No Full Camo's per the SOP.† If you wear camo pants,
wear a regular shirt and vice versa.† The media focuses on this and loves to portray us as a bunch of gun toting red-neck militia. Obviously we are not. Letís not give them anything to use.

No display of long arms, rifles or shotguns. Sidearms are for personal protection only and must remain holstered at all times. STATE LAW PROVIDES† FOR LEGAL OPEN CARRY OF SIDEARMS ON GOVERNMENT AND PRIVATE LAND.

Safety briefings and training are conducted daily.

We continue to exist as a viable force in this debate because of strict adherence to our SOP. If you need a reminder, please visit http://www.minutemanhq.com/hq/sop.php

Many of you have served on the border with us before. Some procedures may have changed for increased safety and security. Please review operating procedures with your group leader.

For any other questions please email minutemanhq@gmail.com . If you havenít already please let us know of the dates and times you plan to attend.

California Contact Info

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