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March Muster One of Our Best Ever. April Month Long Muster on Deck

Dear Fellow Patriot,

Well our March Muster was one for the books. First lets start with the weather. How about clear skies, and daytime temps in the 70's and 80's. A far cry from the blizzard that hit us in March last year. We had about 40 people show up for the weekend and the border was extremely busy.

On Friday evening at about 10:00 our team in Jewel Valley spotted vehicles coming into the desert on the south side and dropping people off. A group was clearly staging to cross. By morning, the group had swelled to 48 people including 8 coyotes. They split and 24 headed towards Red Rocks while the other 24 tried to cross in Jewel Valley. Guess who they ran in to each time they tried to come across? The one group kept going East and the other West running into MM each time. We kept people on location throughout the weekend and according to BP, the groups were still on the south side as of yesterday afternoon. Nice work everyone!

Coyotes approached our Red Rocks team and a tense standoff occurred. For the first time we noticed the coyotes were armed. Guns are illegal in Mexico and to carry one is a major deal. They went on their way without incident but it is a "wake-up call" for all of us to be extra vigilant in the field. This incident was reported to BP and went all the way to DC where of course the response will be " What were those poeple doing in the field instigating the Mexicans?" Shouldn't they be home playing golf?

Uhhh..... yeah. Shouldn't YOU be doing YOUR job and protecting the American People from armed invaders? Minutemen, we need your help at the border whether it be on the front lines or back at Camp in a support role. Everyone is needed in April. We have 2,000 members here in CA. We're asking each of you to make a commitment to come to the border for at least one day in April. reservations@campvigilance.com

Once again, many thanks to Ken, Ron and Karen for their culinary skills and for keeping our troops well fed throughout the weekend. If you would like to join the Camp Vigilance Food and Meals Committee send an email to info@minutemancorpsca.com

Ron conducted "Firearms Safety" class and Rick took folks out to the range for proper instruction on weapons handling and firing also. Thanks to both for their efforts.

The East Bay MM Chapter had two members present. Steve and Bruce both flew down from Walnut Creek and spent the weekend climbing in the rocks and sharing fashion advice. Both in good fun. Thanks guys. Always a treat to have you at the border.


Chris, Greg, Dmitri and a team of professionals took an off muster Saturday and brought the gift of light to Camp Vigilance. Our Stagecoach Depot is now starting to really feel like home with many of the comforts we have all become accustomed to. Thanks to the guys for giving up a weekend and for donating their considerable skills and equipment to making this happen.


Mark and Deb from AdTECH Systems really stepped up and donated a full professional security system for Camp Vigilance. It is complete with multiple cameras, monitor, recorder and Internet capability as well as night vision and infrared. We now have the ability to watch over the whole camp adding another layer of security to our existing measures. We can't thank them enough but YOU can. If you have any need for security systems please give them an opportunity to compete for your business. You can find them at www.adtechcctv.com . We always want to do our best to help our members as they dedicate significant time and resources to the cause. Many thanks to both Mark and Deb for their donation of materials, and labor.


Strange as it seems, a new art exhibit has opened at the Orange County Museum of Art. It is called Kutlug Ataman's "Paradise" and features interviews with 24 residents of southern CA. This innovative video exhibit contains 24 wide screen plasma TV's that each project an interview. Your's truly has his own screen, shot at the border fence last fall and the interview generated quite a buzz amongst Museum visitors at the opening Saturday night. It will be there until June 3rd, go on world tour for two years and end up in the Smithsonian in 2009 If you are in the area (Newport Beach) stop on by and check it out. This may be the first time anyone in our movement has been featured as part of an art exhibit in a museum.


MCDC is supporting a Rally in Washington in association with Let Freedom Ring America. On the 14th (Flag Day) they will be honoring American Citizens killed on our soil by illegal aliens. On the 15th it is "All America Day" and speakers will be present to talk about the NAU, SPP and other "Open Border Threats". On the 16ht there will be a Secure Borders March for America National Rally. If you can participate in any way or for more information please go to http://www.lframerica.com/march2.html .


Our fourth full month border muster will begin March 30th 2007 at 5pm and run through April 29th at noon. 24/7 operations are planned throughout the month. Your participation is critical. The border is busier than ever and we are having a significant impact as was evidenced last weekend. We need your help even if only for a few hours. As always we will have firearms safety training and range instruction by certified DOJ/NRA instructors. California is an "Open Carry" State. You may carry a sidearm on public or private land but not in your vehicles on public roads without A CCW. Your Concealed Carry Weapons Permit from other States will not work here. For where to go and what to bring visit www.minutemanhq.com/ca
Reservations can be made by sending an email to reservations@campvigilance.com .There are still many dates open for the Lincoln Bedroom (Studio Apartment) as well as the bunkhouse. Reservations for hookups are very important as we have a limited number of them. Without a reservation you might be dry camping your RV. Don't delay. Reserve your space now.

See YOU In April!

Semper Vigilans (always vigilant),

Carl Braun
California State Leader
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps of CA
11956 Bernardo Plaza Drive #427
San Diego, CA 92128

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