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. Mission: To secure United States borders and coastal boundaries against
unlawful and unauthorized entry of all individuals, contraband, and foreign military.
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CA April Operations - Now is the Time!

Its time to show the American Government for the 17th time that we can secure the border! That's right. This is our 4th month long muster and the 17th time we here in CA have assembled PEACEFULLY to exercise our constitutional and God given rights to safety, security and sovereignty. The boys and girls in Washington are up to their old tricks. Trying to give away YOUR country. It is once again time to send them a message loud and clear.

We will not go quietly into the night.
We will not stand by and watch 231 years of history and the blood of countless patriots be washed away with the tide of this third world invasion.

The question is once again asked:

If not you...Who?
If not now....When?

Muster Location: Camp Vigilance, Boulevard CA
Muster Dates: Friday March 30 Thru Sunday April 29th
Muster Times: 24/7 Begins Friday 3/30/07 at 5 pm

For Where to go and What to bring visit :

This website should answer most of your questions. Sorry, We do not give out GPS coordinates of our locations for obvious reasons.

Please read this article again to remind yourself of our policies and procedures and re-read the SOP located at:

Handgun safety training including range time with certified DOJ/NRA Instructors will be offered throughout the month. No one takes a sidearm in the field without first demonstrating basic proficiency with our instructors. This is for everyone's safety. CA is OPEN CARRY on Public and Private Lands. If you are unsure what Public Lands are you can get a definition here. Your CCW from other States WILL NOT work here and law enforcement takes a dim view of those that do not know that and attempt to carry concealed without the right to do so here in the Peoples Republic of CA. You have been forewarned.

If you haven't made a reservation at our Mountain Desert Retreat, please do so by sending an email to reservations@campvigilance.com and by visiting www.CampVigilance.com for more information on whets available.

Don't Forget our Open House on April 21st. Food Refreshments and Tours of the Border will be offered. 18 years and older please.

We in the Minuteman Corps of CA obey all State, Local and Federal Laws. We have fielded more than 1,000 people in a treacherous and unfriendly environment without any serious injury on either side of the unprotected border. We want to keep it that way. Safety and Security are our FIRST priority. No one goes in the field alone. If you are a Lone Ranger or Rambo's little brother, with respect, stay home. If you can play by the rules and follow directions (per SOP) you are going to get along real well with the rest of us.

We have 2,000 members here in CA. I am hoping for record attendance this April. This problem is not going away any time soon. Don't believe the media and government reports of "Secure Borders". We have seen more traffic in the last two months than ever before. They are bolder than ever and brazenly invading your country.

If This is your first Muster- Welcome! This experience will change your life. You will be standing side by side with like minded American Women and Men who are madand definitely not going to take it anymore. If you are carrying around a Minuteman ID Card in your wallet to impress your friends but haven't been to the border. Bring it here. We'll be impressed!

Safe Travels. Godspeed. & Semper Vigilans.

Carl Braun
CA State Director

California Contact Info

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