National Citizens Neighborhood Watch - Securing the American Border
. Mission: To secure United States borders and coastal boundaries against
unlawful and unauthorized entry of all individuals, contraband, and foreign military.
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April Muster Is One For The Record Books

MINUTEMAN CIVIL DEFENSE CORPS IS THE NATION'S LARGEST NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH GROUP. Dear Fellow Patriot, The 17th monthly muster is now complete and our fourth full month muster was indeed one for the record books . Hundreds of Minutemen participated in the 30 day border watch and were kept exceptionally busy. A total of 452 illegal border crossers were observed and approximately half of them were apprehended by BP. This activity beats our greatest effort by a factor of three yet the US Government wants you to believe the borders are secure, arrests are up. All is well, go home play golf. Never in our history have we had a more corrupt bunch of do nothing politicians running this country. For those of you who remember the good ole days when we could go to the border and no one would cross while we were there, those days are gone. In April we had people run right across in front of us hoping they wouldn't get caught. We had the "coyotes" mocking us from the mountainsides in Mexico only to watch their "clients" observed and caught a few hundred yards in to the country. We effectively shut down the gun club (after a couple hundred tried to cross) and pushed them into other areas like Campo (where we observed them as well). We have received word from BP that our presence was instrumental in diverting 2 tons of marijuana and $1 million in heroin from their normal route (we were watching it) to a backup route (BP was watching it). We never really know when our presence alone has an impact. Kudo's to the teams of patriotic Americans that came to the border and had a dramatic impact on illegal crossings and drug smuggling into the US. NEXT MUSTER Our next muster is May 18-20th at Camp Vigilance. We will begin operations as normal at 5 PM Friday and Satruday for Dinner and 6PM for the meeting. Training will follow for newcomers at 6:45 PM. Please refresh your memory on the SOP before coming. NO long arms or cammo upper body clothing permitted. If you plan on attending send an email to reservations@minutemanhq.com It will be HOT during the day and COOL at night. Bring plenty of water and dress accordingly. Always be sure to have extra water in your vehicles for yourselves and in the even you are called upon to provide humanitarian aid to people lost in the desert. BORDER SEARCH & RESCUE Anyone interested in being a part of a Minuteman Border Search and Rescue operation please send an email to carl@minutemanhq.com . To participate you must be in excellent health and capable of hiking long distances and mountain/rock climbing. You will learn GPS, Map Reading, First Aid, Tracking, Spanish and emergency procedures. This is not a separate group but a sub function of MCDC and approved by the National Organization. PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS EMAIL. SEND ALL INQUIRIES TO CARL@MINUTEMANHQ.COM

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