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July Muster, Gun Show, Freedom Concert and Future Events

The dawg days of summer are upon us. We hope yours is going well. Clearly our 20th consecutive Muster was a good one. We had 40 people participate and sightings throughout the weekend with a group of 15 getting apprehended by BP first thing Saturday morning near Center Field. Total sightings were 35 for the weekend. As I look at the reports for the last year or so we have sighted and reported well over 1,000 illegal invaders meaning that we have stopped hundreds of criminals from laying waste to our communities. Nice work everyone.

Friday evening we had a Tri-Tip dinner with stuffed baked potatoes, salad, garlic bread and desert. Saturday night it was a spaghetti and meatballs feast with salad and garlic bread and Sunday brunch was steak and eggs, hash browns and fruit. Many thanks to Ken, Sue, Deb and Mark for their contributions of great food and superb cooking.

It may sound like all we do is eat but thats not the half of it to be sure. We had day and night operations in Campo, Boulevard and an altercation with some rock throwing illegals on Saturday night. Fortunately cooler heads prevailed and no one was hurt. We located new ops areas down in the lower desert and will be sending people out with the best wishes of the BP in these new and highly trafficked areas.

Congratulations to Kait and Bob R on their Distinguished Service Awards for the months of June and July. These two volunteers have dedicated a tremendous amount of time and energy in the effort to secure our borders. Bob has trained nearly 20 MM in Basic First Aid and in the case of our Search & Rescue Team, getting them certified as Professional Rescuers. Next time you see them please shake their hands and thank them for their efforts.

DelMar Gun Show

Jim H and Jim W put together a great booth at the Del Mar gun show. We had hundreds of people stop by and thank us for all we are doing to secure the border. Local residents from Campo and Boulevard stopped by to wish us well. It was a great event and the "good will" generated with the community was super. Anyone wanting to help out at future gun shows and events should contact Jim H at USMC581176@yahoo.com .

Sean Hannity Freedom Concert

Unbelievable is all we can say about this event. Again, the Jim Team put together a great event for us. MCDC provided T Shirts for us to sell and we sold 125!!!! These dollars will go towards new equipment for our border operations. So many people helped out on both of these events. Many thanks to all who worked the booths and put a smiling face on the Minuteman image. You folks are awesome. In the words of Jim H and Rick R "This was our finest day as Minutemen". Its hard to describe the outpouring of love and respect we got from these patriotic Americans. Without exception. It truly reinforces that we are on the right side of this thing.

Camp Vigilance FIX UP Day

Saturday August 4th and Sunday August 5th are designated as fix up days at Camp Vigilance. We'll be putting a new roof on the Stagecoach Depot, new sink in there as well. We will also be fixing the chimney and generally getting ready for the October month long muster. If you have skills in carpentry, plumbing or roofing we could sure use the help. Tools are welcome if you have them like compressors, nail/staple guns, etc. ops at night may also be planned. There is an event on the back of the property and we will be pulling double duty with security of our Camp. Nothing like Burning Man but still a lot of people.

Speaking Engagement- Tulare County Republicans

Carl will be speaking at the Tulare County Republicans Federated (SETCO) on August 9th at the Visalia Convention Center. More than 200 people are already signed up. More are expected. If interested in attending contact Carleen@springvilleinn.com . If interested in helping sell T Shirts please send an email to mcdc-ca@minutemanhq.com He'll be doing a book signing of his new novel "Border War" scheduled to be released and on Amazon in early August. First Editions are available at http://stores/lulu.com/twoseconds

Leadership Changes

After more than 1 year of service on the Leadership Team several leaders are opting to pass on the baton and move back into an individual contributor role. We thank them for their valuable service to our organization. Though it is tough to replace people of this calibre, after careful consideration we have embarked on a quest to find suitable candidates and I am pleased to say they have accepted. We will make those announcements at the next muster and recognize those individuals who have given so much to our movement, our organization and our country. This is a very positive natural part of the growth process and should not be viewed as anything but. We are as strong as we have ever been and look forward to the coming months of our struggle to secure our nation. If you have any questions or concerns about this feel free to send me an email at carl@minutemanhq.com and I will call you.

Next Muster

Our next regularly scheduled muster is August 17-19th at Camp Vigilance. For camping reservations please send an email to reservations@campvigilance.com Don't forget, our 5th full month long muster and 23rd overall is September 28th to October 28th. At recent events I was amazed at how many people came by and showed us their MM ID but have never been to the border. If you are a Minuteman and haven't been to the border in a while (if ever), dust off your ID card and plan to join us. I understand if you are reluctant as the rumors are very definitely true. Once you come down...you can't stop. That Minuteman ID in your wallet however ain't stopping illegal traffic. Only YOU can do that. Make plans to come to the border soon. Your country is depending on you.


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